A Free Energy Africa

If Africa just adopts the lifestyle of the west it means just more and more consumption and more Co2 emissions, which is exactly what is happening

We wish to influence this major consumption issue

The need for energy is evident, when developing a modern society. We would like to contribute with some of the latest inventions which uses as little energy as possible.

Energy is needed for a lot of important issues in Africa. Most important is probably the ability to pump up water. Secondly being able to keeping the water cool and storing it along with food in refrigerators and freezers. 
Then of course beeing able to cool places where people are placed, which ironicly enough are heated by a complete free source of energy - namely the sun energy. Solar panels are expensive, hard to transport safely, and have to be mounted and fitted alongside other applications, so easier solutions are needed. 

Specific energy needs will be presented here as soon as we have categorized and calculated, exactly what the needs are at particular places.

A free Africa have made a lot of considerations on how to make a more consistant supply of energy, which involves cooling, lights and electrical equipment like computers and network. There is a need for a more stabile source of energy. The reason for the instability is often the power net. It emanates from a local or major power plant which is often stopping when too burdened, since every time it has been forced to shut down, it has to start hundreds of electrical engines, generators, an air conditioners attached to the net. When at rare moment the central water supplier opens their hose, everyone needs so fill up their private water reservoirs placed on a tower or on top of the roof, which results in not only hoading of water, but may also cause breakdown on the power supply. So a more local and sustainable solutions i requested.

We have a hope to share, a new soruce of energy which may become a major part of changing the face of energy consumption, which may lead to a less pollusive way of living, and which to begin with puts less pressure on the major power plants. Instead the electricity can be placed on the spot where it is needed and supply both the needs for:
Pumping up water

Cooling water and food

Production of Electricity 

And may be even heating at cold places and times