Driving without a seatbelt is fatal

Seatbelts - A matter of good habits

Many drivers forget to use the seatbelt. This leads to fatal injuries and even death. These tragic results can be prevented. It may leave survivors with whiplash injuries, which is not directly visible, but has a profound effect on the psyche and daily life. Leaving persons

inable to work, or ever to have a day without headache or direct pain in the neck and back.  When nothing is there to stop the body from moving towards the front window of the car, the neck is twisted beyond its limits, while milliseconds later the brain is forced

to move its 1400 grams + several times the power of impact, from the back to the front end of the skull, where it is squished so hard towards the front that cell tissue is severely destroyed, and causing inner bleedings. Brain cells do not recover when destroyed, thus causing fatal brain injury or instant death.