Cut out Circumcision

Keep Tradition - "Cut out Circumcision"

(in the South African Xhosa tribe)

South African Xhosa Initiation National Geographic

40.000 exposed to extreme pain for weeks

Round 40 boys are killed every year 

Due to an old tribal initiation tradition in Mandela´s own Xhosa tribe, South Africa



Extreme pain

No painkillers

Missing Mum

No access to water

Not allowed to pee

Dirty sanitary conditions

Risk of loosing the penis forever!

Uneducated greedy traditional surgeons

Imposed by Uncles and Peer Pressure 


also in 2013

Silence is Violence

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Few responsible and supportive men of this matter, may be able to face the truth, but only as long as they are courageous enough to withstand the yoke of inheritage.

AfreeAfrica is offering an alternative to the Xhosa Circumcision Initiation Ritual, and is determined to put an end to the cruel execution of a tribal ritual in South Africa, We will try to prevent the round 40 boys who are going to die in 2013. 

Urgently needed law against circumcision

 Prohibiting the execution of all primitive tribal circumcision. AfreeAfrica will fight for the right of every former circumcised and mutilated man, and for every aspiring initiation victim, every single mother and father, siblings and the many other family members, who have lost and are going to loose their beloved son. AfreeAfrica wishes to free each of these souls from the cognitive slavery of 

Rigid Religions & sick Tribal Traditions

It happens two times every year on 1. of june and on 1. of december and Nelson Mandela knows it since he went through the initiation ritual in his Xhosa tribe.

Nelson Mandela is not publicly known to have opposed to the cruelty of the ritual 
(turning his blind eye on the annual death tolls, pain, genital complications & mutilation of young men in his own tribe)

AfreeAfrica respects the undertaking of ancient Xhosa traditions, but completely wishes to rule out and ban the painful act.

Cut out the Circumcision from the Xhosa Rituals!
(which also counts for any other harmful ritual)

AfreeAfrica is instead suggesting adding tests related to human "manhood", challenging the 7 difference kinds of intelligences, pointed out by Howard Gardner. physical strength, endurance and creativity beneficial for the future of South Africa.

In stead of risking death or may be even worse, loosing their penis, we a modernized ritual which is connected with the actual effort of each of the participants, by introducing an innovative initiation ritual based on human values and test on real manhood an bravery.

 AfreeAfrica encourages Nelson Mandela to condemn and to cut out circumcision and divert the rituals into meaningful activities which will strengthen an revitalize not only the Xhosa people but also the future of young South Africans, in which the young men have a very important role to play. 

AfreeAfrica starts of the "Cut out Circumcision Campaign" in South Africa

AfreeAfrica makes a clear and decisive statement towards all unnecessary tribal circumcision in Africa.

AfreeAfrica condemns and pro-actively wishes to stop any habitual circumcision, whether it´s imposed on boys or girls,
 No matter how long the ritual has been taking place it is till a vicious and unnecessary in-human act.
If the Nazi troops had won the 2. world war, which could very well have happened, it would still be a cruel ideology, which also counts for ritual circumcision of children, young people and adults. 

Time does not erase truth.

Circumcision never has and never will gain any scientific legitimacy, and especially no humanitarian or medical justification.

The core reason for an immediate demand for banning circumcision:
 The fact that evolution through has created the male body as it appears from birth. Round 200.000 years of developmental trial and error. The foreskin is there for a basic reason. It is the way the body and the penis works with both it´s major functions. Last but not least it causes extreme pain to cut off or cut into any part of the male or female genitals. Before, during and long time after, it causes anxiety, stress, fear, severe physical pain, and sexual problems for the rest of their lives. 

Circumcision is a sick and vicious act, which is caused by deliberate ignorance and blindness of traditions, and the fact that the older generation who went through the suffering as children, probably forces the next generation to go through the same suffering, so their original own pain from back then, will not be in vain.   

We are starting off in South Africa by trying to influence the first annual Curcumcision taking place in June 2013

Greedy traditional surgeons with no access to water and medicin undertake the cruel act to cuts of the foreskin of the healthy young boys penises under non sanitary, non sterile surgical conditions.

The Xhosa tribe in South Africa

 10.000.000 affected Xhosa tribe members

160.000 worried close relatives: mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents
(they either accept or they get banned from the tribe)

40.000 healthy young men each year

300 healty young men of 18 years hospitalized each year
(Hospitalization is against the tribal belief, which also counts for the view of the indoctrinated young men)

Hundreds left with unrecoverable complications, like loosing their penis completely 
(Total Penectomy)

Around 40 healthy young boys die every year (also in 2013)

All this cruelty - For no obvious reason at all

Help to prevent this lethal ship of pain and suffering to a halt  - add a comment and share this link:

This is Why:

Program from Aljazeera

This movie is made by a brave African Xhosa man.

An important first blow to African superstition, witchcraft and tribal insanity!

The Xhosa Initiation ceremony in South Africa influences 10 million people. The inevitable cold fact is that it has killed and is still mutilated young boys. It is time to put an end to the insanity. Young and healthy men have become both crippled, completely lost their manhood and twice a year are hospitalized in dozens, For many it is already too late.

First Government must ban the lethal Initiations

This includes:

A complete ban of all circumcision in any tribe (Instantly Saving 15 lives and manhoods in June and in December

A huge apology from the Traditional Surgeons, for the hundreds of men who are trying to live without a penis and to the families of those who never made it.

A huge apology from the Tribal leaders, for the hundreds of lost lives and thousands of family members who have and who are still mourning the loss of their son, brother, cousin, school mate, boyfriend and near friend.

All educated doctors are recommended denial of the circumcision part of the ritual, and when the boys turn up for the health check, declaring every single boy unsuitable for Initiation. 

The Ritual as it looks now

AfreeAfrica wishes to revitalize the Xhosa Initiation ritual. 
Founded on Howard Gardner´s 9 different kinds of intelligence.


A young man is first indoctrinated, forced to participate in a ceremony, which he has only a faint idea about. The whole ritual is 
deliberately mystified and kept secret.

There is no free will, it is a completely Non Democratic choice  he either is forced to go through the pain or he looses respect in the society.

For a boy this is not only a physically imposed strain , it is severely psychological and may leave many of the boys with the diagnosis PTSD, due to the stress, pain and many sudden impressions, due to the extreme pressure from society and what happens during the ritual.

Probably one of the reasons why their fathers and grandfathers allows this, is the fact that they have been through it when they were young and they do not find it fair if  their suffering is suddenly just in vain, So why should their son be relived from the pain they suffered.e

A free Africa wishes to provide a complete new common house in the area and the house will provide everything which is needed for the local people to benefit from the use of it every day.

The Xhosa Initiation Ritual will continue to take place like it has for centuries, but the circumcision is completely removed. The boys will stay exactly like they were created.

Instead real tests of their skills, "manhood" and intelligence is integrated.

They will use exactly the same tribal costumes and the traditional surgeons will be superseded with modern spiritual teacher who have worked on practical implication of humanistic understanding. 

They will be put through a real test of manhood by a specialised mental trainer of Martial Arts, like Karate, yoga, Tai-Chi and or a professional team building leader will lead them through different tests, but there will be no violence and no knifes.

The tests & challenges may involve the 9 different kinds of intelligence suggested by Mr. Howard Gardner 

This naturally includes creative thinking on what visions and ideas the boys see for the future of South Africa and the Xhosa tribe on how they wish their society to evolve.

Each of the boys will get rewarded according to their inborn skills, especially by positive feedback all through the Initiation.

Each boy returns safely to his parents, and continues to live happily ever after, exactly like he was created and how it was intended by The Creator. 

Following are the consequences of trying to mingle with Nature, namely some of the major problems after circumcision and why it is also in the interest of the Xhosa female to keep a man´s body as it was created. In the future many females will refuse to have sex with circumcised boys, due to physical reasons mentioned below, and because no girl wishes to loose either 
her brother, friend or school mate.

Some of the important functions of the foreskin:

Erotic pleasure, especially via the ridged band and Meissner's corpuscles

Acts as a rolling bearing in intercourse and masturbation

Prevents dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

Stimulates partner's genitalia, giving erotic pleasure

Supplies skin to cover the shaft in erection and prevent tightness

Stores pheromones and releases them on arousal

Stores, releases and helps distribute natural lubricants ("smega" and pre-ejaculatory fluid)

Makes the glans a visual signal of sexual arousal

Provides a seal against the vaginal wall to contain semen

Protective Functions

Prevents the glans becoming keratinised, and keeps it soft and moist

Protects the thin-skinned glans against injury...

"But you know what happened to me when I was 10 years old? I was playing on a playground and slipped down a wet slide backwards. I landed facedown at the bottom. The ground was covered in rocks there from someone who had dumped a pile at the bottom of the slide. I scratched up my legs and stomach and tore my penis skin. It was hanging almost from a strand. The doctor made sure it was clean and sealed it with glue. Do you know what he said to me? He said, "If you were missing your foreskin, you would be having cosmetic surgery right now." My penis skin saved me from surgery" (LK, aged 13 on The Daily Guggie Daly, Februrary 1, 2011)

Protects the nerves of the glans, retaining their erotic function

In infancy, protects the urethra against contamination, meatal stenosis, (and UTIs?)

Provides lysosomes for bacteriostatic action around the glans

Pigmented, it protects the unpigmented glans against sunburn

Vascular (rich in blood vessels that bring heat to the tissues), it protects the less vascular glans against frostbite, as Sir Ranulph Fiennes found on his epic transpolar walk.



Just to give an idea of how it may appear for people outside the tribe:

Every single normal boy in the world is born with a nose

If some elderly tribe leaders decide that his nose must be cut of, it will cause extreme pain for the young man, but he is still able to breathe, though the basic functions of cleansing and cooling the air passing through disappears and he gets more vulnerable to infections and diseases. 

No one would ever doubt for one second, It is a criminal act and a direct evil and unnatural intervention

(With deep respect for this victim of a brutal crime - photo from

Every single normal boy in the world is born with a foreskin 

If some elderly tribe leaders decide that his foreskin must be cut of, he is still able to urinate, but if infection occurs, it may not even be possible. In way over 500 cases this has caused the young men to live for the rest of their life without any penis at all.  

The foreskin suddenly does not protect the penis head

Head of penis will turn less and less sensitive and leaving the gland vulnerable while rubbing directly against trousers causing irritation of the thin unprotected skin.

Both during and long time after the Circumcision, it causes Extreme Pain

There is absolutely no proof for any benefit of Circumcision