Cleantec Inventions

Entire Capitals without a sewage system or even a single public toilet or dustbin, but hundreds of tons of plastic and other garbage is just thrown on on the ground and in gutters leading directly to the nearest river and eventually the sea. Here are some other examples, and their possible solutions:

Source of Problem

Plastic and garbage thrown in gutters and rivers, end up in the Atlantic ocean. Here is a recording from the former beautiful coastline of Capital Accra, showing what happens when the City of around 4.000.000 million people, are forced to use the sea as waste dump. It takes two months before the bacteria die, after a toilet visit to the sea. Ghanians love fish.


Extreme Pollution at the gold coast

Recorded by Lars in Ghana 2010

Air Pollution Disaster - also happening in Africa

Air pollution is not only a problem i major Chinese or Brazilian cities.

Possible Cleantec Solutions

Cleansing any liquid into clean water


Dean Kamen is a renowned inventor who is behind the Segway and creating functional arms for amputees.

Submarine Picks up garbage in the Oceans

This is one of many ideas of how to remove the millions of tons of plastic from the ocean. Fossil products, like oil, does not belong on the surface of the Earth and especially not the oceans. Just one drop of oil pollutes two liters of water link When oil based plastic float round in the ocean it gradually deteriorates / degrades, a process which may take over 1000 years. Gradually heavy metals from the plastic will drop down on the seabed, where worms, fish and other marine creatures, which are part of the food chain.

YouTube Video

When people start realizing what impact fossil based plastics have on the environment  the question is, what is next. This American company has a great organic way of solving this problem. They substitute hard plastic and cardboard with har fungus. 

New Sustainable Toilets

Not only plastics are polluting and  left in the oceans, when there is a lack of recycling, and especially cleansing of the water, there is no use of the energy and potential fertilizer from what ever people use as toilet. This projects meet both accounts.

YouTube Video

The use of toilets is crucial to not only the sanitary condition of a society, but especially the value gained from the soil is very useful when treating it as part of a natural circle, which can be used as fertilizer for the soil.

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4500 children die every day due to lack of proper treatment of drinking water
So why flush clean water into the toilet?

Bio Clothes

Bio material is turned in to clothes

From Bark to Clothes

Using bark to fabricate clothes

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Air pollution an increasing problem in Africa

Africa´s Richest Natural Power Resource

Solar power is 50 times more efficient than conventional bio based energy production, which is worth considering when we chose the main source of energy for our House of Health & Green Innovation in Kpong Eastern Ghana.

Tiny Green Algae Saves Africa

A tiny Green Algae not only saves lives, but also enhances the level of health and prosperity in a rural village. An opportunity for many Africans. This is placed a small village in Togo.

Article on how to create fuel via an Algae farm


During the day there is plenty of sunlight available, problem is storing it during the night and when there is heavy rain.

Aquacell is a type of battery which runs by only submerging it for 5 minutes in water, before dried again. The battery is claimed to run for eternity.

Ghana Gold flush pollutes drinkingwater

The Chinese effectively went into Ghana with highly effective machinery to harvest every accidental part of the rain forest which they preferred. As they left there was nothing green left, nothing but a giant spot derived of it´s original beauty. There abandoned mines are often used to continue digging, but now the machines have gone, and only manual labor is there to dig up tons of mud to extract a few little grains of Gold.

In this video, which deviates form this kind of digging, we meet an other devastating kind of Gold mining, which involves digging furiously into the bottom of the river, utilizing the moisture of the mud. The implication of using such harsh methods, has enormous impact on the local people living there. A local fisherman tells how the amount of fish in the river has reduced significantly.

The solution to this issue is yet to be found. A suggestion is giving the young men a good alternative, by directly offering them a job which would instead help build a sustainable Ghana, and thus a more free and independent youth culture, with a choice to chose what they wish to do, rather than being forced into tremendously hard physical work, which returns them hardly any financial benefit.