Child Marriage

39.000 children are married every single day

14 million girls are in risk of being married before the age of 18

42 countries are involved

Often it takes place in rural sub Saharan countries, in particular Mali & Burkina Faso

Married at as young an age as 12 years old . It is estimated that 39.000 girls are faced with pre mature marriage, every single day often with a much older man. The girls are way more likely to die prematurely and often exposed to rape and violence.

"Because I am a girl" is a campaign to inform an prevent the continuance of this cruel reality for young girls.  

Lawmakers have to be aware that this is causing both psychological, and physical symptoms, for instance causing "Fistola" for girls who are forced to have sex at a too early age.

Because I am a girl is a humanitarian organisation supporting with information and help for the girls involved.