AfreeAfrica Solar Lab

Some of the latest technological solutions for solar panels, are placed here, for the use of the experimental development at the House of Health & Innovation in Kpong. We do consider if the cost and transport of latest technology is sustainable, when compared to using materials which are already available.

This link shows a solar project which recycles tin cans paints them black and uses the heat of the sun to heat up a hours or may be even using it to produce power. 

Tin can sun heater

Question is, how do we avoid the use of chemicals when painting the cans?

What kind of black paint can be used?

What bio - materials can lead heat the same way as tin cans - Coconut?

What can be used instead of glass, which costs a lot of energy when melted?

What happens with the system over time?

Here is the a project which is educating African women in India, and bringing them and their newly gained knowledge back to their rural areas. A project which has a lot of thorough thought and weight behind it´s activities. There are some important measures taken instead of just placing solar panels in the Villages, everything is planned far ahead to prevent the solar plants being mistreated of even stolen and sold.

Solar Panel Education