AfreeAfrica Bike Site Lab


James Dyson Award finalist 2011 Alexander Vittouris (Australia) created this Trike (3 wheel bike)

The building of Bamboo bikes has become increasingly popular both in the west and developing countries. This is the developing and inspirational AfreeAfrica Bike Site Lab.

Here is a bamboo bike story from Zambia:

Zambian Bamboo Bike

Even before we have placed the round "House of Health & Innovation" in Kpong Eastern Ghana, we have searched for some of the leading entrepreneurs, inventors and specialist in the field of green tech research. The aim of this branch is creating and presenting ideas for starting up a production based on the different materials which we are going to produce in Kpong.

These materials are 

Fungus grown bio-mass products

Locally grown Bamboo

Bio-mass, Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics

Add your experimental suggestions for something which you would like to have constructed

On example from Europe is the Danish site: Radio program only in Danish.

Bambus Cykler