Research and Workshop Reports

AFRA Research and Workshop Reports

Situation Analysis for the Amajuba District Municipality: towards participatory action research for agrarian transformation in farm dweller communities in the Newcastle area of KZN. AFRA, Sept 2011Sept 2011Erna Kruger, Nonhlanzeko Mthembu, Ndabe Ziqubu, Sanjaya Pillay, Thabo Manyathi, Musa Zakwe and Stephen Hulbert
Apartheid space and fractured power: vicious cycles of poverty in Cornfields, KwaZulu-Natal Jul 2010Lisa Del Grande & Donna Hornby
Gongolo Farm Dweller Residents and Restitution Claimants Land use and Development Assessment and Options Jul 2010Lisa Del Grande & AFRA
KwaZulu-Natal Women’s Land Rights Summit Nov 2009AFRA
Communities affected by the iSmangaliso Wetland Park protected areas: perceptions and options. Report of a workshop held 28-29 October 2009 Oct 2009Nonhlanzeko Mthembu, Nokuthula Mthimunye, John Aitchison & Ndabe Ziqubu
Situational Analysis and Development Recommendations by and for Farm Dwellers in Amajuba District Council Nov 2008Lisa Del Grande
Communal Property Institutions Workshop 27-29 November 2007, Ladysmith Motel. Nov 2007
Towards a Vision and Policy Proposals for Land & Agrarian Reform: A Rural People’s Workshop jointly hosted by AFRA and Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), 10-11 September 2007, Newcastle, Amajuba District, KwaZulu-Natal.Sept 2007AFRA & PLAAS
Some kind of civil war Trend report on the ongoing conflict over land rights on farms in KZN Jul 2007Lisa Del Grande
The rise and fall of Socio-Economic Land Rights in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - A case study May 2007Clever Chisoro, Lisa Del Grande, Ndabe Ziqubu
National Farm Dweller Workshop Report 11th - 12th December 2006. Dec 2006
Practical Experiences from AFRA’s work with Specific Restitution Claims in KwaZulu-Natal. Paper presented at the Conference on the Restitution Program: Redress, Social Justice and Reconciliation, Aug 2006Ndabezinhle Ziqubu
The transformation of farming in South Africa and Africa: The case of farm dwellers in South Africa May 2006Lisa Del Grande
Forgotten people: realities and rights of farm dwellers in the context of HIV and Aids - A study with and of farm dwellers in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Nov 2005 Nov 2005
Will formalising property rights reduce poverty in South Africa’s ‘second economy’? Questioning the mythologies of Hernando de Soto. PLAAS Policy Brief No. 18. Oct 2005Ben Cousins, Tessa Cousins, Donna Hornby, Rosalie Kingwill, Lauren Royston and Warren Smit
A Focus on Farm Dwellers and the South African Police Services. KwaZulu-Natal Land Legal Cluster Analysis Report. Volume 1 Number 2 August 2005 Aug 2005KwaZulu-Natal Land Legal Cluster Project
Options for developmental Land Administration Systems in the context of Communal Tenure situations & implications for Service Delivery Jul 2005Rosalie Kingwill
This is our home – it is our land, our history and our right: Consolidated Verbatim Report Farm Dweller Workshops May 2005
This is our home – it is our land, our history and our right: Analysis Report – Farm Dweller Workshops May 2005
Adopting “First-level Adjudication” into a GIS medium. Ekuthuleni Mar 2005Denis Rugege
Securing tenure at Ekuthuleni: Presented at the Leap/KZN Provincial Planning and Development Association Symposium Oct 2004
Analysis of land rights infringements and evictions cases: October 2001 – July 2004: KwaZulu-Natal Land Legal Cluster Analysis Report. Volume 1 No. 1 October 2004 Oct 2004
Communities Conservation Eco-tourism and Tenure Security Workshop Jul 2004
Game Farms in KwaZulu-Natal AFRA Focus 2004 Annual Report Jul 2004
The Investigation of the Effects of Conservation and Tourism on Land Tenure and Ownership Patterns in KwaZulu-Natal. Executive Summary & Report Feb 2004
Dukuduku The forest of our discontent. AFRA Special Report, June 2003 Jun 2003
The Emergence of the Landless People’s Movement In SA: A case study of the Tenure Security Co-ordinating Committee (TSCC). Oct 2002 Oct 2002
Dukuduku Research Project: Final Report & Executive SummarySept 2002
Traditional Authorities: Know Where To Land (Traditional Authority and Land in KwaZulu-Natal) May 2002
Using local practices and records to secure individual tenure rights in common property situations. Lessons from case studies on what might work on the ground. Nov 2001Ndabezinhle Ziqubu , Tessa Cousins and Donna Hornby
Tenure Security – how secure can it be? An overview of the legislation and judgements of the LCC regarding the Extension of Security of Tenure Act No 62 of 1997 (as amended)Dec-00Esmè Joaquim
AFRA: 20 Years in the land struggle. July 1999Jul-99Anne Harley & Romy Fotheringham
Have the changes within the legal aid board had an impact on farm dweller land rights?Aug-00
Mozambican Farm Workers in uThungulu, KwaZulu-NatalJul-99
Tenure Rights and Practices on a State-owned Farm - the community of EkuthuleniJul-99

Rural Local Government in South Africa – Policy perspective from KwaZulu-NatalApr-98
Community Review of the KwaZulu-Natal Pilot ProgrammeJul-96
A Review of the Restitution Process in KwaZulu-Natal May 1996May-96Restitution Unit(AFRA)
The Church: Landowner and Landless. Report of a conference held at Red Acres on the 16th and 17th Nov 1995.Nov-95Donna Hornby(AFRA) and Graham Philpot (PACSA)
Labour Tenancy in KwaZulu-Natal: Report and Case StudiesJul-94Paul Forsyth /AFRA
The fields of wrath - Cattle impounding in Weenen. (AFRA & Church Agricultural Project) Special Report No.8. Sept 1993Sep-93Fred Kockott
Drought Relief and Rural communities - Special Report No.9. June 1993Jun-93Kamal Singh
From removals to development: Cornfields: Profile and history of a rural community - Special Report No.7. June 1991Jun-91AFRA
A Guide to Pensions/Izimpesheni. June 1990Jun-90
Maputaland: conservation and removals - Special Report No.6. June 1990Jun-90
Weenen Farm Evictions. June 1989Jun-89Richard Clacey & M. Dyer Ed.
The KwaZulu Consolidation Commission hearings 1985/86 - Special Report No.5. June 1987Jun-87
Waaihoek. June 1986Jun-86Patricia Henderson
Ukususwa KweRoosboom Special Report No. 4. June 1984Jun-84Elliot Mngadi
A process of dispossession: an overview of relocation in Natal - Special Report No.3. June 1982Jun-82Cheryl Walker
The Removal of Roosboom - Special Report No.2. April 1981Apr-81Elliot Mngadi
Mass removals in Natal: Consolidation and farm evictions. Special Report No.1. June 1981Jun-81Cheryl Walker