About me

I am a doctoral candidate in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at George Mason University.  I graduated in 2008 from GMU with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Islamic Studies. 

My advisor is Dr. Eden King and I am currently finishing up my dissertation examining the effects of contextual factors on religious workplace discrimination. 

Overall, my program of research seeks to: 1) describe manifestation of social disadvantage with an emphasis on understudied populations, 2) generate effective remediation strategies target individuals can use to improve their own experiences at work, and 3) offer guidance to organizations striving to achieve a fair and equitable workforce.

Within these goals, I have investigated a number of specific topics (e.g., incivility, interpersonal discrimination, identity management), examined these phenomena at multiple levels of analyses (e.g., individual, dyadic, community-level, country-level), focusing on different stigmatized groups (e.g., religious employees, women and ethnic leaders, LGBT individuals, older workers, individuals with disabilities) while utilizing multiple methodologies (e.g., field experiments, lab experiments, meta-analyses, questionnaires). 

After undergrad, I spent a year conducting research in the United Arab Emirates on the Fulbright Fellowship and had the opportunity to travel to Egypt and Oman. I enjoy being with my family, traveling, and trying different foods, especially desserts! 

Please feel free to contact me at aahmad14@gmu.edu with any questions regarding GMU, the program, the application process or my research interests!