~ Youth of Afonlyn~

If you are between the ages of 4 and 17,then Welcome to the Shire of Afonlyn.
Come, play, and learn with us.
Minister of Youth
Lady Nuala
(Sarah Silvers)
Contact by Email
We are working on a Youth Event for June 2011. Please check back as more information will be added.  
Everyone is welcome to attend:
A&S Circle in Farmland, every Wednesday from 6-9pm.
Social Night on Ball State campus, every 3rd Sunday from 6-9pm.
Here is what we have been up to:
*Various Games/Coloring/Word Puzzles
*Bead Jewelry
*Attending A&S Circle and Social Night
*Designed and Decorated a small wooded chest with Red and Green Candies with a
Scroll to Invite Their Royal Highness to Afonlyn's Feast of Saint Patrick's 
*Assisting with Afonlyn's Lunches and Breakfasts
*Made Viking Festoon Napkin Holders for the Shire's Winter's Feast napkin site tokens
*Designed and Decorated a small woodedn spice chest for Her Royal Highness Runa when she visisted during the Winter's Feast.  
*Assisting with Afonlyn's Lunches and Breakfast
*Handmade Honey Butter for the Shire’s Winter’s Feast. (It was delicious.)
*Learned about and made Orange and Clove Pomanders
Come and Join us.
We can always use help organizing activities.
There is always learning and fun to be done. If there is something you are interested in (specific time period, location around the world, historical event), let us know. We'll see what we can do.
The SCA is for anyone of all ages…so let’s find a spot for you.