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food equipment solutions
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food equipment solutions - Low Budget
Low Budget Shooting: Do It Yourself Solutions to Professional Photo Gear
Low Budget Shooting: Do It Yourself Solutions to Professional Photo Gear
The serious amateur photographer often faces the problem that even after all the dollars spent on camera, lenses, computer gear, and software, the spending never seems to end. More gear is needed for studio photography, tabletop photography, flash photography, and for accessories here and there. And in many cases, the right accessories are not even available. That is where this book comes in. Low Budget Shooting is the one-stop source where you will find instructions and a shopping list on how to build an array of useful and inexpensive photographic tools.
Filled with full-color images and easy-to-follow text, this book shows how to build essential lighting and studio equipment; how to make the perfect light-table for shooting small objects; and how to build reflectors, soft-boxes, and light-tents that really work. It also tells where to get some of the little helpers that make a photographer's life so much easier. This clever little book is a creative and valuable resource for most any photographer.

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Food Show Swag!!!
Food Show Swag!!!
Dragonfire was hired to exhibit at a food show. It was great. I got paid to walk around and sample food all day. As the show drew towards it's closing the vendors began giving away samples wholesale. This is the swag I picked up. I may have to give some of this away. 90- Jakes Large Brown Eggs 24- Daystar Chocolate Madness Desert Cakes 1- Jon Dongire Ice Cream Layer Cake 1- Tub Athenos Roasted Red Pepper Hummos 1- Tub Atenos Original Hummos General Tso's Chicken, Orange Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Fried Rice and dumpling 1- 11oz Pkg. Chevrion Plain Goat Cheese 1- 8oz Pkg. Great Midwest Jalapeno Goat Cheese approx 2lbs assorted Tillamook cheeses 1- 56oz Carton Chef Masters Instant Mashed Potatoes 4- bags El Matador Tortilla Chips 1- 40 oz Jar Kelly's Texas Country Style Honey 3- Ind. Serv. T. Marzetti's Blue Cheese Dressing 1- Ind. Serv. T. Marzetti's Fat Free Italian Dressing 1- Ind. Serv. T. Marzetti's Fat Free Ranch Dressing 1- Ind. Serv. T. Marzetti's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing 18- Ind. Serv. Smuckers Concord Grape Jelly 11- Ind. Serv. Smuckers Honey 3- 12 oz bottles Zataran's Creole Mustard 6- 5 1/4 oz Zataran's Prepared Horseradish 7- Ind. Serv. Eastern Sun hot mustard 1- Ind. Serv. Rice Krispie Treat 2- 4 oz Jar Concentrated Shrimp/Crab Boil 1- 14 oz Bottle Red Gold Tomato Ketchup 1- 12oz Bottle McIlheney Tabasco Sauce 1- 1 gal. Bottle McIlheney Tabasco Sauce 1- Pkg. El Matador 6" Flour Tortilla 2- Pkg. El Matador 12" Flour Tortilla 2- Pkg. El Matador 12" Chipolte Tortilla 1- Pkg. Kellogs Scooby Doo Baked Cinnamon Graham Sticks 1- Pkg. Keeblers Cinnamon Elf Grahams 1- Pkg. Sunshine Cheez-it Scrabble Jr. 2- Pkg. Keebler Cinnamon Grahams Gripz 2- 12 oz Box Clydes Cinamon Donut Holes 1- Pkg. 2 unnamed flat breads 1- Pkg. Kontos Tandoori Naan Flat bread 1- pkg. Flatout Healthy Grain Flat Bread 1- pkg. Kontos Pizza Parlour Crust Flat Bread 1- pkg. Kontos Pan Plano Jalapeno Cilantro Flat Bread 2- Pkg. Sun Chips Original 1- 30 oz Box Zatarains Red Beans and Rice Mix 2- 24 oZ Box Zatarain's Fish Fri 1- 12 oz Box Zatarain's Wonderful Fish Fri 1- Lg. Bag Tostitos. 185:365
A Food for thought...!!!!
A Food for thought...!!!!
The food didn’t matter...!!! But its matter of taste...!!! Yes, the serve they are doing in the food court for several decades...!!! Simply unimaginable...!! each and every serve is making a History...!!! Well, I am a Foodie... Even one can describe that cooking is an ART.. !! I agree, but at the same time eating a food also an ART...!! Yes the way I went to “Ratna cafe?” in Triplicane-Chennai city...!!! Triplicane - a bachelor’s paradise...!! Still one can feel the warmth of very conservative of Chennai...!!! I went to the cafe? yesterday (believe me) after 32 years...!!! I dint remember the structure of the building...!! Even the location where it’s situated... But I recognize the good smell of the food and taste...!!! Yes they maintain the same unique formula of great south Indian food called IDLI and SAMBAR”.. UNIMAGINABLE AND STILL UNBEATABLE...!!! In many ways the atmosphere of the cafe? –its really one can critic.. In many way the work of critic is very easy... haa haaa!!! But one cannot critic the way they maintain a good taste on their serving food!!! Yes the serve.. Getting a double point... Yes the taste of food and serve is the real winner here!!! They rock me even after 32 years (the total management has been changed in recent time) but still number of people doesn’t change their routine... Yes I met few persons; they are coming here from their childhood days And they further told, if they dint came for a single day.. They could not sleep well..!!! Here the real “waiters” are the customers... haa haaa!!! Yes I was waiting almost 25 minutes for my food to serve...!!! SHOT TAKEN IN A AVAILABLE LIGHT IN Canon 5D MARKII WITH CANON 50MM F 1.2 “L” SERIES LENS.. aperture priority mode.. HAND HELD SHOT!!!! LOCATION-RATNA CAFE?-TRIPLICANE-CHENNAI

food equipment solutions
food equipment solutions
Studio Lighting Solutions: Expert Professional Techniques for Artistic and Commercial Success (Pdnpros)
Studio Lighting Solutions, the first volume of the PDN Pros series, is a comprehensive guide to the world of still-life photography in a controlled studio environment. This genre includes food, beverages, desserts, gems & jewellery, cosmetics, household products, small kitchens, small appliances, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, small sets, home entertainment, electronics, home furnishings, in-studio automotive photography. Highlighting the real-world projects of over 25 successful professional photographers, this book shows photographers what it takes to achieve both artistic and commercial success in still-life photography. Over 60 shots are presented in an easy-to-read/view style, with descriptive text accompanying each featured photograph. For each shot, the photographer provides in-depth information about the assignment and the shoot. This includes the objectives of the client and/or art director, the specific logistic circumstances and challenges, the lighting and other techniques employed to get the shot, the digital manipulation and styling necessary, equipment needs, postproduction, and more, all leading up to the final, successful, real-world photograph.

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