Film And Video Equipment

film and video equipment
    video equipment
  • television equipment: electronic equipment that broadcasts or receives electromagnetic waves representing images and sound
  • Make a movie of (a book)
  • Be well or badly suited to portrayal in a film
  • make a film or photograph of something; "take a scene"; "shoot a movie"
  • Capture on film as part of a series of moving images; make a movie of (a story or event)
  • movie: a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"
  • a medium that disseminates moving pictures; "theater pieces transferred to celluloid"; "this story would be good cinema"; "film coverage of sporting events"
film and video equipment - Set Lighting
Set Lighting Technician's Handbook, Fourth Edition: Film Lighting Equipment, Practice, and Electrical Distribution
Set Lighting Technician's Handbook, Fourth Edition: Film Lighting Equipment, Practice, and Electrical Distribution
Comprehensive. Detailed. Practical. Set Lighting Technician's Handbook, Fourth Edition, is a friendly, hands-on manual covering the day-to-day practices, equipment, and tricks of the trade essential to anyone doing motion picture lighting, including the lamp operator, rigging crew, gaffer, best boy, or director of photography. This handbook offers a wealth of practical technical information, useful techniques, as well as aesthetic discussions.
The Set Lighting Technician's Handbook focuses on what is important when working on-set: trouble-shooting, teamwork, set protocol, and safety. It describes tricks and techniques for operating a vast array of lighting equipment including LEDs, xenons, camera synchronous strobes, black lights, underwater units, lighting effects units, and many others. Since its first edition, this handy on-set reference continues to be widely adopted as a training and reference manual by union training programs as well as top university film production programs.
New to the fourth edition:
* More coverage of the aesthetics of lighting * Detailed information on LED technology and gear * Material is harmonized with industry safety and skills training curriculum * More coverage than ever before about setting up and running DMX512 networks and DMX512 enabled devices, including wireless DMX512 networks * Completely revised and updated sections of HMIs, tungsten light fixtures, and fluorescent technologies * Additional information on dealing with current harmonics, working with portable generators. * New section on using 480V power * In addition to previsualization software, new material provides a primer on creating professional light plots and using computer aided design software * New additions to the arsenal of electrical distribution equipment that make our sets safer and easier to power * More rigging tricks and techniques * Written in the same friendly, easy-to-read style that has made this book so popular * Companion Web site contains exclusive articles written by the author, illustrations, and an indispensable resource center with key industry links. Please visit

* An indispensable on-the-job reference for tens of thousands of film lighting technicians
* Includes professional-level procedures that save time and promote safety and efficiency
* Written by a lighting technology expert with 20 years of experience as a gaffer and director of photography.

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Panasonic HD
Panasonic HD
More Late News: So about a month ago I picked up this amazing piece of video equipment. Meet the Panasonic HDC-TM700K. Full Progressive HD video camera. I finally got a chance to take some pictures in the apartment and I thought I would share this bad boy. Although I have a lot of experience in many forms of multimedia creation, film is the staple of my career path. What I love most about photography is many of the concepts and theories go hand in hand with film. When I am out with my 40D I will often visualize filming aspects along with my photography.
Overexposed in Durham, North Carolina
Overexposed in Durham, North Carolina
Seniors Hailey Rile and Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath adjust video equipment to interview John-Henry Pfifferling, director of the Center for Professional Well-Being in Durham, N.C., June 8.

film and video equipment
film and video equipment
Sound for Digital Video
The distinguishing feature of many low-budget films and TV shows is often the poor sound quality. Now, filmmakers shooting DV on a limited budget can learn from Tomlinson Holman, a film sound production pioneer, how to make their films sound like fully professional productions. Holman offers suggestions that you can apply to your own project from preproduction through postproduction and provides tips and solutions on production, editing, and mixing.

Holman, sound engineer on such films as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, is famous for his pioneering work in film sound production and for developing THX. Now, he brings his expertise to the relatively new field of sound for digital video productions. Once considered an amateur format, digital video is becoming the format of choice for some feature films and for many lower budget productions; this book will enable you to use this medium to create the most professional and effective sound possible.

*Learn how to get great sound on a limited budget, from the recognized expert in the field
*Provides tips and instructions for improving sound, from planning through mixing
*Includes CD with recording and editing exercises

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