Discount Salon Equipment Packages

discount salon equipment packages
    equipment packages
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discount salon equipment packages - Silver Facial
Silver Facial SPA Equipment Package
Silver Facial SPA Equipment Package
1-Basic Chair with Stool.
It provides all the comfort of a large bed without the heavy base needed for height adjustment and rotation.
The back rest can be manually adjusted from a flat position to an upward 55° angle.
The leg rest can be manually adjusted from a flat to a downward 45° angle.
For easy transitioning, it has fully removable arms.
You will not find a more affordable or functional spa massage chair online or elsewhere.
* Sleek chrome adjustable legs.
* Light weight sturdy base.
* Manually adjustable back rest and leg rest.
* Removable arm rests.
* Back rest adjustment from 0° flat to 55° incline upward.
* Leg rest adjustment from 0° flat to 45° downward decline.
* Capacity 350 lbs.
* Product Dimensions:
* Default position: 72" x 24" x 26" (L x W x H).
* Arm rest width: 4"
* Cushion thickness: 4"
* Weight: 69 lbs.
* Default position: Bed completely flat, w/o arms.
All heights measured from ground to top of seat cushion.

2- 8 Function Unit - Multifunction facial unit:
High Frequency.
Facial Brush.
Galvanic .
Magnifying Lamp.
Woods Lamp .
Facial Ozone Steamer
Dimensions: 39.4"H x 26"W x 20.1"D.
3-UV Sterilizer:
Bulbs and Starter Included.
Drop down door.
4-24 pc Hot towel Cabinet with Sterilizer. This UV hot cabinet serves as a great towel warmer and towel sterilizer.
It holds up to 24 towels. There is a removable tray included. Temperature: 180 degrees.
5- 3 Level Trolley Cart:
This is a versatile 3 level salon cart with 2 shelves, a sliding storage bin.
1 year Warranty
If you have any question regarding this item you can call us at: 800-345-8271

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Box Coding with RSI Inkjet Coder
Box Coding with RSI Inkjet Coder
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discount salon equipment packages
discount salon equipment packages
Sapphire Package Spa Equipment Package
Best Features:
* 1- Hydraulic Chair.
* 72L 25W 23-29H (100 lbs).
* Bearing pressure 300 lbs.
* Removable arm rest and face cradle below pillow, rotates 360 degree w / hydraulic pump.
* 2- Aroma Steamer:
* Aroma Ozone Steamer with brush & Mag (Magnifying) lamp.
* This steamer is packed with all the fantastic options.
* Ozone control and Herbal reservoir basket, brush, adjustable arm, and a timer for worry free client facial sessions.
* 3- High Frequency Table Top Facial Unit.
* 4- Three shelf Trolley: Our basic model 3 shelf roll-around salon cart. It features an attractive design, lightweight, metal frame, platic shelves and easy rolling wheels.
* 5- 12 pc Hot towel Cabinet with Sterilizer.
* 6- Single Wax Warmer.
If you have any question regarding this item you can call us at: 800-345-8271

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