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Wholesale Annual Flower

wholesale annual flower
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wholesale annual flower - 150 Seeds,
150 Seeds, Sage "Sapphire Blue" (Salvia farinacea) Seeds By Seed Needs
150 Seeds, Sage "Sapphire Blue" (Salvia farinacea) Seeds By Seed Needs
Blue sage salvia normally grows in a mound shaped from sprawling stems around 2 - 3 feet in width and height. The blue flowers are around 3/4" an inch long with 2 stamens and 1 pistil. All types of sage have an aromatic fragrance that identifies them as part of the salvia family. The long, narrow leaves grow in clusters, out of which grow the flower stems. The leaves may or may not have teeth. Tubular flowers range from dark blue to white and are densely congested in whorls along the upper stems, creating a 3 - 9 inch beautiful spike of flowers. The foliage of this salvia wild flower seed is usually a grayish green color and the leaves are quite common towards the lower half of the wildflower plant.

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motts 3
motts 3
Some 4,000 hanging baskets were prepped and planted last week at Motts Greenhouse, and crews haven’t slowed in their progress at filling all the business’ greenhouses in anticipation of the upcoming sales season. Besides retail, the Moore family also sells annuals, perennials and vegetables wholesale to other local vendors.
Halls entrance garden sign
Halls entrance garden sign
The sign beside the Entrance Garden, sponsored by Halls Atlanta Wholesale Florist Inc. at the 21st annual Southeastern Flower Show, 2 Feb '08 in Atlanta, GA, USA.

wholesale annual flower
wholesale annual flower
250 Seeds, Red Yarrow (Achillea millefolium rubra) Seeds by Seed Needs
Achillea, also called Yarrow, is a hardy perennial. It will be alive and thriving long after your annuals have succumbed to the first frost. It will still be in bloom after many other perennials have gone to sleep for the winter. And, late in the fall season, it's flowers are so lovely amidst the falling leaves. Achillea originated in Asia and Europe. To many, they are a common wildflower. But, they have also can be found in many home gardens. Colors include bright, yellow (most popular), red, and white.