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Mother's Day Flower Specials

mother's day flower specials
    mother's day
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mother's day flower specials - CZ by
CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane "Elegant CZ" Flower Petals Ring, Size 7
CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane "Elegant CZ" Flower Petals Ring, Size 7
The essence of "CZ by KJL" collection is to infuse designer details into classic CZ jewelry styling. Our jewelry styles are described as having trend design elements, quality manufacturing and timeless beauty.

Adorn your finger with petals of delicate bling. This CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane Flower Petals Ring features a pretty sparkling bloom made with clear white cubic zirconia stones. The rhodium-plated brass base has more stones inlaid on the top and sides for extra glitter. Measuring 1 inch, this beautiful bloom is guaranteed to stand out. Pair this ring with a flirty dress, strappy sandals, and wide-brimmed straw hat for lunch and sparkling wine on a sunny patio.

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127:365 "for Mother's Day 2011"
127:365 "for Mother's Day 2011"
I made this for my mom as her gift this year. The photo is of my brother-- taken by me. The poem is her favorite... written by him. I printed it out and framed it. I'm going to go over and give it to her tomorrow. Wish I could've done something that included our other brother and sister but I just couldn't think of anything and have so few pictures of all of us. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there. We deserve a great day.... too bad our special day has to be followed by a Monday. That's a bummer. lol this is also my submission for MAY FLOWERS in Focus 52 this week. :)
Happy Mother's Day! - Tulip 7478e
Happy Mother's Day! - Tulip 7478e
Life begins with her. She is so special. She is the source of endless love. Please celebrate the day with her. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and my Flickr friends who are mothers! I am late in shooting tulips this year. This is the one standing in the front yard of my neighbor.

mother's day flower specials
mother's day flower specials
Mothers Day Flowers - Free Fast Shipping - Fresh Cut Flowers - 25 Stems
Your flowers will be fresh cut from our Southern California flower farm and sent via Fedex. This makes them exceptionally fresh and long lasting. Included in this Mother Days Bouquet are: 3 Peruvian Lilies (White); 3 Peruvian Lilies (Pink); 1 Oriental Lilly (Pink, 3-5 blooms per stem); 4 Carnations (White); 4 Carnations (Pink); 5 Mini Carnations (Hot Pink); 3 Israeli Ruscus; 2 Mini Myrtle. 23" tall, 25 stems total, making one generously-sized bouquet. Food packets and instructions for maximum freshness are included.