Ana Filipa Sequeira

About me... 
Currently a PDRA at University of Reading and a member of the CVG - Computational Vision Group under the supervision of James Ferryman.

My PhD thesis, was focused on iris and fingerprint biometrics: 

I carried out my PhD in Electrical and Computing Engineering at FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto) and INESC TEC Porto as a member of Vision Computing and Machine Intelligence Group and supervised by Jaime S. Cardoso.

Short Curriculum Vitae: Post Doc Research Assistant in University of Reading with the European project FastPass. PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at School of Engineering, University of Porto. Researcher at INESC TEC, Porto. Graduated in Mathematics (Educational) and MSc. in Mathematical Engineering by School of Sciences, University of Porto

Contactafilipaseq at gmail dot com
Interests: Biometrics, Machine Learning and Image Processing. Cryptography. Mathematics Education.