Shade Gardening Ideas

shade gardening ideas
    shade gardening
  • Shade gardens are gardens planted and grown in areas with little or no direct sunlight during the day, either under trees or on the shady sides of buildings. Shade gardening presents certain challenges, in part because only certain plants are able to grow in shady conditions.
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shade gardening ideas - Gardening with
Gardening with Shade: Ideas for Planning and Planting (Sunset Gardening)
Gardening with Shade: Ideas for Planning and Planting (Sunset Gardening)
The editors of Sunset magazine have always had a distinct knack for taking on a specific subject and laying it out in sensible order with clear instructions and helpful diagrams and pictures. All I can say is that this book lives up to Sunset's standards! There is no reason you cannot have lush and lovely things growing in the shady parts of your yard with this book's help. You'll find everything you need to know about the varieties of plants, their care and feeding, and ways to turn shady areas into the highlights of your garden.

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The Hidden Gardens of Bury St Edmunds 19-06-2011
The Hidden Gardens of Bury St Edmunds 19-06-2011
A garden in the exercise yards of the Old Workhouse. Sundial garden with old roses. Mixed borders in sun and shade. Gardened on organic principles. Sunday 19 June 2011 will be the quarter centenary of this popular and exciting garden event. Do come! You will be surprised at what lies behind the garden walls of our delightful town streets; the diversity of plots and planting; the willingness of gardeners to welcome you. There will be 30+ gardens on show at venues within the town centre. As usual, there will be refreshments offered and plants to buy at some gardens and from our very popular Pennycross Plants nursery stall. A suggested walking route is provided with your programme or you can choose from brief descriptions your own 'must see' gardens.Come and find gardens old and new, large and small, showy and loved, all providing ideas for your own patch and together making a delightful walk round our lovely town. Well over 2000 visitors come each year. Be one of them for our 25th in 2011 and add to your collection of 'Hidden Gardens' distinctive lapel stickers, free! All proceeds go to St Nicholas Hospice Care.
Planted Chair Garden
Planted Chair Garden
I took out the container that used to sit inside this wrought-iron chair & replaced it with sphagnum moss & potting soil. Alyssum hangs out the sides, and the top has marigolds, lobelia and vinca. The sphagnum moss is supposed to stay wet so it will green up, which is hard to do in full sun. This year, I'll redo this but plant for shade instead.

shade gardening ideas
shade gardening ideas
The Natural Shade Garden
Ken Druse's Natural Garden Guides:
Award-winning gardening expert Ken Druse offers a personal selection of 80 ideal plants for the natural gardener, drawn from his best-selling classic The Natural Shade Garden.

This companion guide is illustrated throughout with 130 of Druse's spectacular color photo-graphs. All-new descriptions discuss the origins of each plant, supply the pronunciation of their Latin names, and offer information on their ultimate size, time of bloom, light and soil requirements, cold hardiness, and special interest, such as colorful berries or butterfly attraction.

Here, too, is indispensable advice for using these plants with companions to create striking designs. Each section has an original introduction presenting valuable techniques for making your own natural garden. An appendix gives mail-order sources.

In 80 Great Natural Shade Garden Plants Ken Druse selects the best plants for natural gardening in the shade: Ornamental Shrubs ? Perennials for Flowers ? Perennials for Foliage ? Ground Covers and Vines ? The Best Hostas ? The Best Ferns

Shade can be a gardener's curse or delight, depending on how it's managed. Even a heavy grove of mature trees needn't have bare ground beneath; they can be surrounded with any number of shade-loving foliage, grasses, or grasslike ground covers, including galax, dichondra, ivy, vinca, wintergreen, maidenhair fern... the list of possibilities is a long one. Druse himself gardens in the shadow of a Brooklyn brownstone, so his advice is by no means limited to gardeners with woodland acreage. This book also successfully punctures the myth that a shady flower garden must be colored in greens and subtle pastels: a parade of brilliant camellias, columbines, clematis, and primula proves that a shade gardener's crayon box is as varied as any, and the well-organized Druse sorts the herbaceous perennials by color in an addendum at the back of the book.