Beach Theme Decorations

beach theme decorations
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beach theme decorations - Fishing Net,
Fishing Net, 6 X 9 Ft Fish Net, Netting Shells, Starfish, Floats Decorative Nautical Decor Display
Fishing Net, 6 X 9 Ft Fish Net, Netting Shells, Starfish, Floats Decorative Nautical Decor Display
HERE IS 6 X 9 FEET OF AUTHENTIC COMMERCIAL FISHING NET FROM FLORIDA. BRAND NEW MESH NETTING. 6 FEET LONG, 9 FEET DEEP (APPROX). NET IS TAN - ONE 3 to 5 INCH STAR FISH, sizes vary. 6 FT ROPE AND 3 FLOATS, AND 6 (PECTIN MACARENSIS) SCALLOP SHELLS THAT MEASURE 2 TO 2 1/2 INCH. ALL NET IS NEW AND IS MADE OF NYLON. Hang your mounted fish and your extra lures or sea shells on it and make a great nautical display on your wall. Mom hang four corners on ceiling and put all the kid's balls or stuffed animals in it . Nice in a child's room as well. A great gift for anyone who owns a boat or loves the sea!!!!!

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Beach Themed Bunco Party Cupcakes
Beach Themed Bunco Party Cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes with a layer of vanilla buttercream and covered with vanilla fondant. Various beach theme decorations are made out of fondant. All fondant decorations are all hand made. Drink umbrellas were added to "shade" the beach towels. Flower cupcakes are decorated with edible glitter. The palm tree's "coconuts" are edible gold dragees. Such a fun summery treat!
Beach themed wedding
Beach themed wedding
Her colors were coral, turquoise and brown. White chocolate shells and sugar pearls used as decoration. She wanted cards with the flavor names on each tier.

beach theme decorations