Buffet Servers Furniture

buffet servers furniture
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buffet servers furniture - Crosley Furniture
Crosley Furniture LaFayette Buffet Server , Sideboard Cabinet in Black Finish
Crosley Furniture LaFayette Buffet Server , Sideboard Cabinet in Black Finish
Constructed of solid hardwood and wood veneers, this Buffet Server , Sideboard Cabinet is designed for longevity. The beautiful raised panel doors drawers, provide the ultimate in style to dress up your home. The three deep drawers provide an abundance of storage space. Behind the two doors, you will find adjustable shelves and storage space for things that you prefer to be out of sight. The center storage area is great for up to 12 bottles of wine, or if you prefer, remove the wine storage cubes to reveal an adjustable shelf. Style, function, and quality make this Buffet Server a wise addition to your home. Features: Three Deep Drawers with Raised Panel Fronts Solid Hardwood Veneer Construction Hand Rubbed, Multi-Step Finish Beautiful Raised Panel Doors Brushed Nickel Hardware Removable Wine Storage Panels Reveal Additional Open Storage Adjustable Shelf Behind Each Door and in Center Section Adjustable Levelers in Legs Specifications: Product dimensions: 36"H x 18"D x 47.75"W Weight: 128 lbs

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1951 Predictor Group 4005(?) Buffet/Server manufactured by O'Hearn Furniture
1951 Predictor Group 4005(?) Buffet/Server manufactured by O'Hearn Furniture
There's an almost total lack of documentation on Paul McCobb's 1951 Predictor Group collection. What information I have been able to assemble over the past years research comes almost entirely from 3rd party sources such as newspaper and magazine articles. Once you add it all together a pretty clear picture emerges. This Predictor Group Buffet for instance is never directly referred to in any of the Directional promotional materials that I have amassed. It does appear in the background of a few Directional ads detailing the Predictor Group but nothing is ever written about it in any of the literature I have collected, with only one exception: a photo and direct attribution blurb in Mario Del Fabbro's 1954 "Furniture for Modern Interiors", page 128. Little know fact: Mario Del Fabbro was an employee of Paul McCobb Design Associates for many years and maintained a close personal friendship with both Paul and his wife Molly long after he was no longer employed by them. Predictor
Dining Room Server - I Made It
Dining Room Server - I Made It
I've been working on this piece for way too long. I need about 20bf of 4/4 lyptus to finish it, and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I may have a line on some in Buffalo. I was going to put in wood panels for the doors, but decided I wanted stained glass...and what better way than to do it myself. I still need to replace two panes of glass in the center panel. They don't match the others.

buffet servers furniture
buffet servers furniture
Natural Wood Top on Natural Server and Two Door Hutch by Home Styles - Light Wood (5100-0011-12)
5100-0011-12 Features: Three utility drawers Two wood framed cabinet doors with adjustable shelf for plenty of storage inside Center wine storage area can be removed for open storage if desired Brushed Steel hardware Hutch with two wood framed, plexiglass doors with an adjustable shelf inside for plenty of storage Center area with one shelf for additional storage or display Buffet of Buffets (Large) Finish: Natural Wood Top on Natural Server and Hutch Dimensions: 41 3/4"(W) x 17"(D) x 72 1/4"(H)