Bob a discount furniture - Modular furniture accessories.

Bob A Discount Furniture

bob a discount furniture
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New chair?
New chair?
On the way home from the beach, Al and I (and Jack!) stopped at Bob's Discount Furniture (where I got my love seat last summer) and I kind of fell in love with this chair. I could get it and it's ottoman for $400. It's leather and I am a huge sucker for black leather with white stitching. It's like sitting IN an awesome bag! I will have to think about it. Maybe not a good purchase if I might be moving to LA at some point??
Caldor scar at Norwichtown Mall Bob's
Caldor scar at Norwichtown Mall Bob's
A '90's-era Caldor label scar left behind, Bob's Discount Furniture took over when the chain closed in 1999. The now almost year closed Bob's Discount Furniture at the troubled Norwichtown Mall, a smaller enclosed dinosaur mall almost now fully vacant of tenants had lost its premiere anchor when Bob moved his store to a posh, nearby East Lyme location.

bob a discount furniture