White Wicker Porch Furniture

white wicker porch furniture
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  • Cast of Shadows is a 2005 suspense novel by the American writer Kevin Guilfoile. It was published in the United Kingdom under the title Wicker.
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Very Large Mushroom Caps
Very Large Mushroom Caps
Caption reads: Today's furniture designers and interior decorators recognize the happy affinity between modern American and Scandinavian furniture and Oriental designs. In this room, twin mushroom-shaped footstools of wicker and a fancifully ornate hanging bird cage used as a plant container represent the Oriental influence. So too, do the end tables of wood. Modern in design, but repeating the use of wicker (with metal frames for sturdiness) are the attractive sofa and chairs. The ruby fabric that covers the sofa and one wall is thrown into focus and refreshingly cooled by curtains of sheer white that cover an entire wall of windows. The black of the chair upholstery, hanging cage, and metal furniture frames offers a welcome contrast. A decorating trick worth noting: the injection of a small amount of black or near black improves almost any decorating scheme. Furniture such as this, here used in a family room, is an excellent example of the interesting new casual furniture on today's market--flexible as to use, simple to care for, relatively easy on the decorating budget. New plastic spray-on coatings used by manufacturers of modern wicker furniture make it more durable than that found on grandmother's porch, and preven its snagging clothing.
Summer Fresh Quilt
Summer Fresh Quilt
This lap quilt was given to a dear friend who lives on a farm in the country. Should look nice on white wicker furniture in the sunroom! It reminds me of her view of the fields in summer from her porch.

white wicker porch furniture