Townhouse Contemporary Furniture

townhouse contemporary furniture
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townhouse contemporary furniture - Famous Collection
Famous Collection - Loveseat by Famous Brand Furniture
Famous Collection - Loveseat by Famous Brand Furniture
Frames have been tested to GSA government standards. Corners are glued, blocked and stapled. Seats and back Morning rails are cut from 7/8 hardwood. Hot Pinks and patterns are match cut. All fabrics are pre-approved for wearability and durability against AHFA standards. Cushion cores are constructed of low melt fiber wrapped over high quality foam. Sleeper features easy to anism and innerspring mattresses. Dimensions:
Inches: 66W x 38D x 39H93 View(List) Metric: 1676.4mm W x 965.2mm D x 990.6mm H More Dimensions: Floor to back seat cushion 21 Floor to top of seat cushion 21
Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.

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Red Modern Living Space, San Francisco
Red Modern Living Space, San Francisco
This contemporary fireplace and sitting area is one floor down from the previous shot in my photostream in the 5-story townhouse on Lombard street in San Francisco. I have remarkable respect for those of you using strobes so effectively. I eschew strobes for a couple of reasons--first, I hate the fact that I can't stand and look at the lighting and sculpt it with the light on--I have to pop the strobes and look in the camera and adjust (ugh). Second, I shoot mostly at night and love ambient light--in this case, the strobes become less natural because of their daylight balance. Hot lights can also stray dramatically from incandescent light, but with some tact and a simple selection of hot lights, I find I'm able to pretty easily match or accent the ambient light nicely. I prefer to work with an Arri lighting kit with a 1k, two 650w and a 300w lamp (tungsten), but sometimes the budget and/or time doesn't allow for it. In these cases, I carry around a duffel bag with two 500w halogen worklights and a trio of mini-halogen floor lamps which I set on the floor to fill in dark spots when ambient alone just won't cut it. Here there is a 500w halogen with a doubled-up piece of diffusion gel over it camera left. I placed it behind the leg of the kitchen table and liked the lines it threw on the side of the left chair.
Crows Nest Property Styling
Crows Nest Property Styling
This was a recent job done by Anne McCarthy and her team of on-site stylists from Advantage Property Styling. Offering exceptional convenience and lifestyle appeal this townhouse is only moments to Mosman village and its shops, cafes and transport. This beautiful semi is perfectly positioned to North Sydney Parks and cafes, with generous proportions throughout a modern contemporary living space has been created with superb attention to detail.

townhouse contemporary furniture
townhouse contemporary furniture
Famous Collection Sofa
Designed with a subtle style and subdued Brown Tones Famous Collection Sofa from the Townhouse-Tawny upholstery collection creates a warm Famous Collectionnviting Outer Resortce within any home. The subtly patterned upholstery features a soft plush feel and surrounds the supportive cushions and pillow back design. The unique Famous Collectionped arms and rich finished feet add a beautiful look that will enhance any home decor. Enrich the beauty of your home with the beautiful style of the Famous Collection-Tawny Upholstery Living Room Collection. Dimensions:
Sofa 89W x 38D x 39H
Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.