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Mission Dining Furniture

mission dining furniture
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mission dining furniture - Set of
Set of 2 Dining Arm Chairs Mission Style Warm Medium Oak Finish
Set of 2 Dining Arm Chairs Mission Style Warm Medium Oak Finish
Dimension: 23 3/4"W x 24 1/4"D x 42"H
Seat Depth: 17 1/4"
Finish: Warm Medium Oak
Material: Hardwood, Oak veneer, Fabric
Set of 2 Dining Arm Chairs Mission Style Warm Medium Oak Finish
This cozy arm chair would be a nice addition to your casual decor.
Features slat crafted details embedded throughout design back and under chair.
Upholsted in a durable fabric in warm brown and beige tones.
This piece will allow you to comfortably relax while enjoying a nice dinner with a few friends.
Matching dining table and server are available separately.
Assemble required.

80% (10)
1911 Craftsman Dining Room
1911 Craftsman Dining Room
"The frieze above the plate-rail in this dining-room is of Dutch poster papers. The wainscoting and beams are stained a dark green. Mission furniture is used, and Oriental rugs are on the floor, which is of pine, waxed and polished." Ladies Home Journal 1911. I think it's March, but I forgot to write down the month.
table manners
table manners
Jim Barker (hOME new monastic community in Oxford) a key player on the furniture restoration project weekend; while sanding the dining table (recycled from our former training college, Crowther Hall) Jim politely ignores the smalls on the washing line.

mission dining furniture