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Modular Contemporary Furniture

modular contemporary furniture
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modular contemporary furniture - Sanus Systems
Sanus Systems AFA Accurate Furniture Audio Stand (Black)
Sanus Systems AFA Accurate Furniture Audio Stand (Black)
Sanus Accurate Audio Video Furniture is a stunning blend of open architecture design and the contemporary look of wood and chrome. Accurate Furniture sets a new value standard for home theater audio video racks. Build your AV rack up to 8 levels. The corners of the shelves curve gently around each pillar.

Sanus's AFA Accurate Furniture Audio stand lends contemporary elegance to any environment. Aesthetically pleasing and reasonably affordable, the AFA features four composite-wood-core shelves finished in a durable satin-black melamine.
Its four tubular steel pillars are finished in a smooth chrome powder coat. Carpet glides stabilize the AFA on most floor surfaces. Sanus uses premium Allen-head fasteners and welded-in nuts throughout, ensuring tight connections and maximum rigidity. The AFA's open architecture grants ample airflow around your audio equipment, and its modular design lets you expand its shelving (additional shelves sold separately).
Other enticing details include smooth, rounded edges and a wire-management path, giving this rack a distinctive, clean look and helping to make your home theater safe for small children.
All in all, the Sanus AFA Accurate Furniture Audio stand is a versatile audio rack that fully matches Sanus's Accurate Furniture line of video supports.

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Polyhedra modular coffee table, Designed By Haldane Martin, Photo Justin Patrick
Polyhedra modular coffee table, Designed By Haldane Martin, Photo Justin Patrick
The sculptural, porous form of Polyhedra Modular Coffee Table?? finds its inspiration in the micro world of organic bone structures as revealed by Scanning Electron Microscope images. The complex geometry is derived from Weaire-Phelan space packing structure, and is made up of interlocking dodecahedrons and tetra-decahedrons. These have been rotated and split at an angle that creates a seemingly random pattern, yet it is made up of only five different shapes. Multiples of the five shapes are effortlessly assembled to one another using neodymium magnets. This enables users to playfully create their own randomly shaped coffee table. One could describe it as “post-rational” Lego for grown-ups.
Cool Contemporary Garden
Cool Contemporary Garden
New Homes Garden Awards 2008 - Best Home-Garden over ?500,000 This garden was designed and built for a professional couple who desired a bold, contemporary, courtyard garden that ties in with the existing modern architecture, and provides flexible spaces for sun-bathing, dining and large parties. Planting was selected for low maintenance requirements, while offering excitement throughout the garden with bold architectural forms and foliage. Discrete lighting casts eye-catching shadows after nightfall, and screening ensures the garden can be enjoyed both day and night while maintaining privacy from overlooking buildings.

modular contemporary furniture
modular contemporary furniture
Diamond Sofa Zen Collection Armless, All Leather Tufted Seat Sofa and Loveseat
The Zen Collection by Diamond Sofa has a chic, urban loft contemporary feel with all the flexibility of modular living. No matter the size and shape of the room, the Zen Collection offers a refined and impressive solution to your special needs while bringing a distinguished look of elegance to your living space. Comfort, Style, Flexibility...the Zen Collection has it all. The all leather Mocca Armless Sofa and Loveseat feature a kiln-dried hardwood frame that is glued and reinforced, offers strength, while the zig zag spring suspension base gives you a supple seating that will hold up for years. The elastic webbing back suspension offers additional stability while allowing for the leather to breathe and maintain its shape. Tufted seat cushions are comprised of a high density foam cushion wrapped in polyester fibers to ensure a comfortable, relaxing and lasting seat. Seat cushions and back pillows are attached to the frame to eliminate shifts or gaps. The slightly tapered arm, espresso wood legs promote an aura of refined elegance. Top grain leather lines the interior of the piece, while sides and back are completely finished in split leather to ensure lasting flexibility, as well as, resistance to stretching or tearing. Zen Armless Sofa measures 76-inch wide by 37-inch deep by 33-inch high. Zen Armless Loveseat measures 62-inch wide by 37-inch deep by 33-inch high. This modular collection also includes LF/RF Chaise, LF Sofa, Armless Sofa, Armless Loveseat, Armless Chair, Armless Corner Wedge, Square Corner Chair and Square Cocktail Ottoman.