Antique Furniture Labels

antique furniture labels
    antique furniture
  • Antiques furniture is the term for collectible interior furnishings of considerable age; often its age, rarity, condition, utility, or other unique features makes the furniture desirable.
  • Assign to a category, esp. inaccurately or restrictively
  • Give a name to (something)
  • (label) a brief description given for purposes of identification; "the label Modern is applied to many different kinds of architecture"
  • Attach a label to (something)
  • (label) trade name of a company that produces musical recordings; "the artists and repertoire department of a recording label is responsible for finding new talent"
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antique furniture labels - Vintage Look
Vintage Look Lever Lock Padlock W/ Keys Pirate Chest
Vintage Look Lever Lock Padlock W/ Keys Pirate Chest

This cool 1800's look lever lock padlock is fully workable, and is a great conversation piece. Made of cast iron, with a hardened steel 3/16" thick shackle, the padlock is great for indoor use. It has a brass keyhole cover ,and has scuff, scratches and rust to give it an old look. It measures 3 inches tall, 1 3/4 inches wide and 7/8 of an inch deep. The shackle has a 13/16" inner diameter. It comes with 2 working keys .This lock is brand new, never used, and adds a cool look to basic security.

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Vintage oak cabinet in studio corner: postal label cabinet
Vintage oak cabinet in studio corner:  postal label cabinet
One of my favorite pieces in my studio. I found this at the wonderful Lakewood Fairgrounds antiques market. These look like drawers, but aren't. The cabinet doors hide small shelves -- the doors lift and slide back into the cabinet. I'm using it to store trays of rubber stamps. UPDATE: Just learned that this piece was a cabinet is a postal label cabinet. This is the caption beside a photo of an identical cabinet on the web site: "This oak label cabinet is an example of the high quality demanded by the post office. Much of the furniture on display is made of oak because of the durability of the wood. Instead of the drawers pulling out as one would expect, the drawers in this cabinet roll up to reveal the contents."
Widdicomb Furniture Company Labels 1907
Widdicomb Furniture Company Labels 1907
The finest furniture is often labelled clearly- here is what a decal label looks like on the interior drawer bottom of a John Widdicomb dresser built in 1907.

antique furniture labels
antique furniture labels
Dewars White Label Whiskey Antique Advertisment 1902
Dewars white label whiskey antique advertisment 1902 advertisment page from . The illustrated london news.Or.The graphic.These wood engravings from sketches, would make an ideal gift for christmas or birthday . The actual date is printed on each page. This engraving is over 100 years old. And is not a modern copy. These images are scanned at low resolution for quick uploading and are much better than the scanned image.. size of print is approx. . 14" x 9.1/2" if it is shown as whole page, or prorata.. approx. Page size = 16" high x 11" wide. Ready to matt and frame. These old prints really look great with matt and framed.. note this print is from a periodical and has printing on reverse..