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    office furniture
  • furniture intended for use in an office
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Safco Economy 400-Pound Capacity Platform Truck #4078
Safco Economy 400-Pound Capacity Platform Truck #4078
FoldAway Platform Trucks are designed for versatility and efficient use of space. They're ideal for use in the office, backroom sales and repair areas. Folding capability allows you to keep these trucks close at hand for immediate use. Heavy duty steel construction with large rubber casters, non-skid vinyl surface on platform and wrap-around vinyl bumper protects walls and furniture. Rolls easily on two stationary and two swivel casters, handle folds down for easy storage. Tropic Sand baked enamel finish with Dark Brown vinyl trim.

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Too Bad It Didn't Come With A Bank, Preferably One With A Lot of Money
Too Bad It Didn't Come With A Bank, Preferably One With A Lot of Money
I've been on the lookout for a new desk chair for the longest time for cheap. I've tried Craigslist (that was a bust), searching the Internet, etc. Finally I came across one online at Office Max that looked halfway decent for $69.99. I happened to check again this week and saw that said chair was on sale for $49.99. Can't beat that :) So tonight after my book club meeting, I decided to stop by Office Max on my way home to check and see if they had this chair (and to see if it was on sale). As I was browsing around, I saw this dark brown leather banker's chair. It was beautiful. I've always wanted one of these pieces (and really--it's the kind of furniture you could legitimately call a "piece" and not feel like a snobby asshole) but they're so expensive, including this one. At a whopping $129.99, there's no way I would be spending THAT much on a chair. I moved on and eventually found the chair I was looking for, but it was regular price. I sat in it. It wasn't impressive at all. In fact, it was a little uncomfortable, falling on the too hard side. I figured I'll just order it online and pay for shipping. And as I was leaving I saw a group of lone chairs off to the side, forgotten. And I noticed they were marked down displays, one of which was another banker's chair. Could it be? The same chair I was wanting, only it was marked down to HALF PRICE because of a few nicks on the wood?! Turns out, some of these clearance chairs are chairs that have been assembled for the owner, but sometimes they change their mind and decide not to buy it. So then the store is stuck with the chair. I had to decide. I could spend $50 on a chair that, well, sucked and would become uncomfortable very quickly. Or I could spend an extra $70 and get a chair that was comfortable, looked good, and HALF OFF the regular price. And, well, you know the rest of the story :)
Affordable Used Office Furniture-Provo
Affordable Used Office Furniture-Provo
Quality Used Office Furniture 439 E 1860 S, Provo, UT 84606 (801) 375-8733 ? htp:// Your source for the highest quality used office furniture! We have panel systems and cubicles, desks, chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, whiteboards, tables, and much more

buy office furniture online
buy office furniture online
Avery Index Maker Clear Label Dividers, 8.5 x 11 Inch, 8 Tab, White Tab, 50 Sets  (11557)
Index Maker Clear Label Dividers help you produce print shop-quality documents at your desktop. Creating tab labels for one or more divider sets is quick and easy with free Easy Apply Auto-Fill templates available at Just one click in Auto-Fill also lets you create labels for back of the divider tabs, too. Then, save time by labeling all tabs at once using the improved Easy Apply label strip. Dividers made from 30% post-consumer recycled paper. Laser and ink jet compatible. New packaging makes it easier to store dividers for future use.