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Floor Covering Installer

floor covering installer
    floor covering
  • Finish material installed over floor deck, i.e., carpet, tile, etc.
  • floor cover: a covering for a floor
  • Installer is an application included in Mac OS X (and in its progenitors OPENSTEP and NeXTSTEP) which extracts and installs files out of .pkg packages. It was created by NeXT, and is now maintained by Apple Inc. Its purpose is to help software developers create uniform software installers.
  • Installation (or setup) of a program (including drivers, plugins, etc.) is the act of putting the program onto a computer system so that it can be executed.
  • Installers are programs that setup and copy game data onto a player's computer. Because consoles are run off CD's and cartridges, they don't need installers.
floor covering installer - Professional Floor
Professional Floor Installer's Invoice Book
Professional Floor Installer's Invoice Book
Designed for the professional flooring installer, each invoice gives a complete breakdown of all job costs including materials and other services. Covers all phases of the installation to ensure the installer, floor covering retailer and customer know exactly what is included. Lined space is provided at the top of the invoice for the date, invoice number, address and telephone number of the installer, floor covering retailer and customer. At the bottom of the invoice a space is provided for the customer's signature, date and total amount due. A wraparound cover separates the invoices when writing on them. Each invoice book contains 50 two-part carbonless invoice sets. Size is 7" wide x 8-1/4" high.

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Thermolay Flexi-Mat System
Thermolay Flexi-Mat System
The simplest and most convenient matting system. Flexi-mat is similar to the fixed mat system but has the added advantage of being flexible and will stretch up to 50% in length for in-situ adjustments. With the heating cable secured to the mat in a uniform pattern, hot and cold spots are easily avoided and with the benefit of the extra stretch, makes this system the ideal kit for all room installations. Simply roll out the flexi-mat to the required position on the prepared concrete or boarded floor, pin at one end with the fixing lugs, stretch to fit (if so required) and secure, cover in screed and finally lay the finished floor covering. Flexi-mats have a single ended 2 core cable which connects to the programmer (via an RCD), simplifying the installation process and making this system the ideal choice for trade and DIY installers. All kits come with a detailed guide on how to install and Thermolays customer support team will be on-line to assist with your installations queries. 0.4m wide x 2.5m length 1.0m2 to 1.5m area coverage For thermostats and connection boxes, see we suggest product details
Home Remodel Sept 19 2008 - Floorboard gaps not filled before adding baseboard
Home Remodel Sept 19 2008 - Floorboard gaps not filled before adding baseboard
5 cm by 1 cm gap in flooring. Baseboards installed without addressing flooring problems. This is like the TV show "Seconds From Disaster." You know, how any really big disaster required about five levels of mistakes and shortcuts ... An installer must have measured the space wrong (that's 1); then he laid the boards and nailed them even though they weren't long enough (2); the crew chief didn't notice the mistake (3); our general contractor didn't look at the job to approve it (4); my wife noticed the lousy craftsmanship and made them come back to fix it, but they only fix half the problems (5); the baseboard installer nailed in the baseboards and door mouldings even though they didn't cover the gap (that's 6 mistakes). Oh, mistake 7 was mine. I hired these bozos.

floor covering installer
floor covering installer
Fabulous Floorcloths: Create Contemporary Floor Coverings from an Old World Art
Floorcloths can transform a drab room into a showcase! Economical and relatively easy to make, floorcloths can be embellished with paper or fabric decoupage, painting, stamping, stenciling...all the most popular craft techniques.

If you want to create an exciting focal point for a room or disguise a boring floor, a colorful floorcloth may be the solution. Created from heavy canvas and adorned with paint, stencils, stamps, paper decoupage, or fabric applique, a floorcloth can be a simple accent or a work of art. Consult this book for excellent directions on materials, preparation, finishing, and an array of decorative techniques. The 15 step-by-step projects are divided into simple, intermediate, and advanced, so you can jump in at whatever skill level feels comfortable. Greet visitors with a stenciled welcome mat bordered with paper-napkin decoupage, perk up a bedroom with a Victorian lace design made by spray painting over paper doilies to form the delicate pattern, step into a pool of light with a circle of faux stained glass, or bedeck a table with a runner sporting classical Greek figures. The designs are pleasant and the color illustrations adequate; more photos of the finished floorcloths in actual rooms would have been nice to give a better sense of scale and context. But the thorough instructions and smattering of helpful tips make the book worthwhile. --Amy Handy

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