Rv awning repairs - Window coverings arched windows.

Rv Awning Repairs

rv awning repairs
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rv awning repairs - No Heat!
No Heat! Liquid Leather & Vinyl Repair K
No Heat! Liquid Leather & Vinyl Repair K
Our leather and vinyl kits match popular colors and grains. This is the very best kit for people who want to repair items in their home, car, boat, office, luggage and apparel. It's simple to use. Just apply colored compound, cover with the grain papers, allow to dry, and remove. Complete, easy to follow instructions in every kit. Three E-Z Steps for a near-perfect repair job: 1. Apply colored compound. 2. Cover with grain paper. 3. Allow to dry, peel off grain paper. There is no other kit like this today. Will do 20-30 average size repairs.

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New slide out topper
New slide out topper
Thank you Northshore RV Repair! Gary and his helper worked through a downpour to get new awning fabric on all three of my slides. It's very satisfying to not have to look at the ratty, frayed ends of the old topper and it's great to know that the new ones are actually protecting my slides from water, sun, and debris.
Repairing 276/365 (Year 2)
Repairing 276/365 (Year 2)
I bought this book second-hand in 1976; the dust jacket is in need of a bit of repair. I'm sure that Pritt Stick is not the archivists adhesive of choice! I needed a little "thingy" to apply the glue; the handy penknife has a toothpick in the handle - just the job :-)

rv awning repairs