Large drapery grommets. Shade house designs.

Large Drapery Grommets

large drapery grommets
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  • Cloth coverings hanging in loose folds
  • Long curtains of heavy fabric
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large drapery grommets - General Tools
General Tools 1260-4 1/2-Inch Solid Brass Grommet Kit
General Tools 1260-4 1/2-Inch Solid Brass Grommet Kit
The General Tools 1260-4 is a 1/2-Inch Grommet Kit.

Grommet kit makes it easy to fix canvas tents, sailcloth and lawn furniture
Use to repair a wide variety of fabrics and other materials
Mandrel and matching anvil made from hardened steel and coated with black oxide to ensure grommet pieces are securely and permanently joined
Contains 24 1/2-Inch solid brass grommets with a hardened steel hole cutter and hardwood backer block
Measures 13.1-by-5.8-by-4.2-Inch (Width by Height by Depth); weighs 4.9-Pound
What's In the Box:
General Tools 1260-4 1/2-Inch Grommet Kit

Replace or add grommets yourself to tarps, tents and awnings with this .5-inch grommet kit from General Tools. Each kit contains 24 1/2-inch solid brass grommets with a hardened steel hole cutter and hardwood backer block. For added convenience, there's also a mandrel with a knurled body for greater comfort and safety, and a matching anvil. Both are made from hardened steel and coated with black oxide to ensure the grommet pieces are securely and permanently joined. In addition, the rings on the anvil and mandrel match to make it easy to identify size.
This kit is great for fixing canvas tents, sailcloth and lawn furniture. It also can be used to repair a wide variety of fabrics and other materials. For added convenience, grommet refills are also available.

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Knitting Tote Bamboo
Knitting Tote Bamboo
This large roomy tote measures 13 X 16 X 6 inches (33.02 X 40.64 X 15.24cm). On one end there are two pockets, one above the other, and on the other there is a single deep pocket with a grommet above. The front features two large deep pockets and on the back, you will find two needle rolls for sorting and storing all those different needles. The straps are nylon webbing covered in matching fabric. The inside has plenty of room to store your yarn and that project you're working on! This tote is made from a drapery fabric in shades of rust and burgundy with golden highlights featuring bamboo and leaves. The lining is a cotton coordinating fabric. Seams are double stitched for added durability. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some ideas for this bag came from a pattern, but many, many changes were made to the finished bag.
Grommet X on Drums
Grommet X on Drums
Grommet X is cracking up again. Things got pretty silly at the Hotel Utah, but he never missed a beat.

large drapery grommets
large drapery grommets
Curtain Grommets 8/Pkg-Brushed Silver
No sew large grommets. Comes in ten natural color options for coordinating with all materials. Grommet opening: 1-9/16" diameter, Grommet overall: 2-3/8". Grommet rim width: 3/8". For rods up to 1-3/8" diameter, for sheer or drapery-weight fabrics. Grommets are machine washable. Do not iron, tumble dry or dry clean. Also, can be used as an accent throughout a curtain as an overall creative twist. Definitely a product that will let your imagination run wild. Grommet tool not required. Package contains: set of eight grommets.