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Online "Silent" Auction

  Want to buy affordable art for a good cause?

Affordable Art for 3FM” is an online ‘silent’ auction for 3FM’s Serious Request - a fundraising campaign in conjunction with the Red Cross to raise money for mothers affected by war & conflict situations. In at least 25 countries throughout the world more than 10 million mothers are affected by war – they lose everything, have to flee, have no food, clean water or healthcare and are the victims of sexual abuse. They are left behind to care for their family alone. The Red Cross helps these mothers not only by providing them with the essentials (such as shelter, medical care, food and drinking water), but also with support in getting an independent income and with the search for loved ones that have gone missing.

The 8th edition of 3FM Serious Request will take place from 18th – 24th December. ‘The Glass House’ will be set up on the Beestenmarkt in Leiden, the Netherlands, where 3 DJ’s will be locked in without food for 5 days to raise money by playing requests.

Affordable Art for 3FM” offers you the opportunity to donate money to this good cause whilst gaining a great piece of original art.  The artists featured in this collection have graciously offered to donate a portion of the proceeds to the 2011 3FM Serious Request fundraising campaign. A minimum of 50% of the final price will go directly to the fundraising effort, and each artist will determine the exact amount to be donated based on their material costs. 

For any questions about the auction or any of the pieces featured here, please contact

Pieter Augustinus (pieter.augustinus@danisco.com)

or Dewy Van Tol (dewy.van.tol@danisco.com)