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Here are the definitions of Affluent and Riches

1. Generously supplied with money, property, or possessions; prosperous or rich. See Synonyms at rich.
2. Plentiful; abundant.
3. Flowing freely; copious.
1. A stream or river that flows into a larger one; a tributary.
2. A person who is well-off financially
adj. rich·er, rich·est
1. Possessing great material wealth: "Now that he was rich he was not thought ignorant any more, but simply eccentric" (Mavis Gallant).
2. Having great worth or value: a rich harvest of grain.
3. Magnificent; sumptuous: a rich brocade.
a. Having an abundant supply: rich in ideas.
b. Abounding, especially in natural resources: rich land.
5. Meaningful and significant: "a rich sense of the transaction between writer and reader" (William Zinsser).
6. Very productive and therefore financially profitable: rich seams of coal.
a. Containing a large amount of choice ingredients, such as butter, sugar, or eggs, and therefore unusually heavy or sweet: a rich dessert.
b. Having or exuding a strong or pungent aroma: "Texas air is so rich you can nourish off it like it was food" (Edna Ferber).
a. Pleasantly full and mellow: a rich tenor voice.
b. Warm and strong in color: a rich brown velvet.
9. Containing a large proportion of fuel to air: a rich gas mixture.
10. Informal Highly amusing.
n. (used with a pl. verb)
Wealthy people considered as a group. Often used with the: "Were there, indeed, a sure appeal to the mercies of the rich, the calamities of the poor might be less intolerable" (Charlotte Smith).