The International Artist-in-Residence programme is on hold due to the impacts of Covid-19.

thanks to Mauro bonaventura - our 2020 international artist-in-residence

Lampwork glass artist, Mestre, Venice, Italy. 

This was Mauro's first visit to Australia. He taught and demonstrated his skills and art as part of the 2020 Festival of Glass.

Mauro is an internationally renowned contemporary glass artist and sculptor whose work has been exhibited in museums and art galleries around the world. 

Mauro's sculptures often feature life-like glass figures, encased in cages or spheres made of intricate glass netting - yes that is a glass sphere he is standing by in the photo! He continues to hone his skills and perfect his mastery of glass to create outstanding and thought provoking pieces of glass art. 

Mauro's workshops at the 2020 Festival of Glass - "Pushing the boundaries" - offered glass artists in Australia a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from him. 

Learn more at: and on his Facebook page.

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