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Haminsara -The carpentry

"Haminsara" is short and easy walk. 

From the parking we see a hill , or actually a huge pile of stones, and a sign: " The name of  this place will be clear by the end" , which makes the kids curious enough to run up the path.

A little bridge and a boarded path leads up the hill. As we get closer the piles of stones turn into a curefully arranged stone planks or boards by the hill side.Down hill we can see a pile of planks, as if a carpenter cut all these planks and left them.

These planks ,are actually basalt columns that were created when lava cooled off.The columns are perpendicular to the cooling surface. A flow of lava penetrated beneath the ground under a layer of rock , where the flow stopped and the lava cooled off. The shape of the columns is determined by environmental conditions, the lava composition, the temperature, the rate of cooling and the speed of flow.
So how did the boards fell off?
Erosion separates the layers of planks and peels them off the mountainside.
One can see boards that are still in the ground, their incision is mostly rectangular.