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What Oil Filter Do I Need

what oil filter do i need
    oil filter
  • An oil filter is a filter to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery.
  • a filter that removes impurities from the oil used to lubricate an internal-combustion engine
  • A cartridge-filled canister placed in an engines lubricating system to strain dirt and abrasive materials out of the oil.
    i need
  • Kandi Burruss (born May 17, 1976), better known by her stage names Kandi or Kandi Girl is an American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer. She is also a former member of the group Xscape from Atlanta.
  • "I Need" is the second single taken from the album Blurring the Edges by rock singer Meredith Brooks. It was released on November 25, 1997.
  • "I Need" was released as a buzz single from American R&B singer's Kandi Burruss' second album B.L.O.G..

Congratulation on a Job Well Done, Howard!
Congratulation on a Job Well Done, Howard!
Howard went above and beyond to help a customer. Read the amazing story of how he helped a family and saved their vacation! Mr. Ernesto Ancira On Friday morning, Aug 6th, our family packed into our 2006 Class C Motorhome to head down to Port Aransas. Approx 1 mile from our home here by Huebner and I-10, the temperature gauge alarm went off indicating we were overheating. We pulled off, opened the hood, and saw the coolant was pouring out. Aside from being surprised, we stood there in disbelief. Why? We had taken our motorhome in to have it serviced at Ancira (Boerne) a few weeks prior and one of the items we had done was a "coolant system flush." For the record, in the 3 years we've owned it, we have never had it serviced anywhere else. We called Jeff George (service advisor) - he remembered us and dispatched a tow truck to our location. Within an hour, our motorhome was on its way to Ancira (Boerne). In the meantime, we walked home disappointed, somewhat angry, and hot - temperatures were already in the 90s. That afternoon, Mr. Howard Tate (Service Manager) contacted us and told us he had been informed about our situation and that he would be following the troubleshooting on our motorhome. He was lalready aware we had taken it in a few weeks before for the service. We told him one of our biggest concerns was that the engine might have suffered internal damage (warped or cracked heads) from the overheating although we did pull over right away when the instrumentation alarm came on. Throughout that afternoon, Mr. Tate contacted us 3 times to give us a status --- the most noticeable being that a water hose clamp (clip) had not been securely fastened and that the thermostat was staying in the closed position. We told him not to rush --- that our trip to the Coast was cancelled due to this misfortune and we wanted to be sure it was looked at with great care & detail. At approx 4:45 that afternoon, Mr. Tate contacted us to let us know that they were road-testing the motorhome --- just to be sure they took it out some 20 miles to make sure there wasn't anything they had missed. He gave us the option of picking it up or he would have someone deliver it. We didn't expect to have the problem corrected so soon so we decided we would pick it up and take a late trip down to the coast. Mr. Ancira, we didn't know what to expect when we got to the dealership. In today's service-indusry environment, it just always seems that nobody wants to take accountability for their actions or stand behind their work. Honestly, we thought Ancira (Boerne) might try to pass blame on something beyond their control. We were wrong! Upon arriving at your Boerne dealership (at appoxt 5:45), Mr. Tate met us, apologized for the mishap, explained what had happened, and took responsibility by incurring all the costs. He didn't try to sugar-coat it and took the necessary steps to ensure that the situation was remedied, not only to our satisfaction, but to his. It's obvious that the Ancira reputation means a lot Mr. Tate. Mr. Tate also provided us with a few perks, i.e., top off the gas tank, wash/detail the outside, and a coupon for a future lube, oil, and filter change. That was very generous. We told him we were going to head out to the Coast that evening to try and salvage the weekend but would need to stop by the house and load up again. Mr. Ancira, we're sorry to be so long-winded but, as impressive as Mr. Tate's actions were as described above, it was the following "little things" that left us the most appreciative. We left the dealership around 6:00 --- at approx 6:45, Mr. Tate calls us to make sure we had gotten home without any problems. - Wow! This is a Friday evening and everybody wants to get home to their families. The "icing" on the cake came the next day. We get a call from Mr. Tate on Saturday morning to make sure we had gotten to the Coast without any problems. That was the clincher! He didn't have to do that but it is that "over and above" show of concern that turned a bad situation into one with a happy ending. Mr. Ancira, if your managers across the entire Ancira enterprise are as responsible and caring as Mr. Howard Tate is, you can be assured your living legacy is in good hands for both the short and long terms. We will always be Ancira Customers and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ancira to anyone. For the record, we own an 04 Nissan Titan and my husband has Ancira Nissan take care of all his service/repair. Please give Mr. Tate our "thanks" and warmest appreciation. Sincerely, Debra Harter and Jay Garcia P.S. Not any less important - we also wanted to let you know that Mr. Jeff George (service advisor) was entering the hospital the afternoon that our motorhome was taken in. He's a good man! We
Sleep Through The Static
Sleep Through The Static
This was taken with a Cannon G11 at Jack Johnson's final show of his tour. it was in West Palm beach. After ten mintues of rain, the concert god's had mercy and gave us beautiful weather, a cool breeze, and 75 degrees. PERFECT. His setlist read as follows: You and Your Heart If I Had Eyes Taylor Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (with a verse of Just What I Needed by the Cars) To The Sea Go On Upside Down Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology Bubble Toes Wasting Time Banana Pancakes Mudfootball (w/ Duane Bets on guitar) Breakdown Turn Your Love (w/ Dan Lebowitz from ALO on guitar and Paula Fuga) Country Road (Paula Fuga cover w/ Paula Fuga and Dan Lebowitz on lap steel) Do You Remember Flake The Joker (Steve Miller Band cover) Good People Rodeo Clowns (w/ G. Love) Staple It Together (w/ G. Love on harmonica and bassist Merlo Podlewski rapping) At or With Me (with G Love on harmonica) Encore: Encore Home A Pirate Looks at 40 (Jimmy Buffett cover) Angel Better Together (w/ EVERYBODY on stage) GREAT SHOW, GREAT BAND, GREAT SONGS, GREAT VIBE, GREAT CROWD JAck Johnson is a great man. He is donating 100% of the profits from his To The Sea Tour to the oil spill cleanup in The Gulf. He also made the tour entirely carbon neutral. Jack Johnson is a musician who should live on forever :D Taken on Cannon G11, with NIK Infrared filter added.

what oil filter do i need
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