Dovecote Way pitch allocations are below.

Please note that friendly's will always be booked as"Provisional" and will make way for league organised fixtures. 
There is a pitch allocation calendar for :-

5v5 Allocations (Pitch 1)
7 A SIDE Allocations (Pitches 2 and 6)
9v9  Allocations (Pitch 3 and Junior School)
11v11 (Larger Pitch 5)
11v11 (Pitch 4)

Kick off times wherever possible should be 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 14.00
Pitch reservations can be requested online by clicking the Link Below

Click the Map for larger image
5v5 Allocations (Pitch 1)

9v9  Allocations (Pitch 3 and Junior School)

11v11 Allocations (Pitch 4)

7v7 Allocations (Pitches 2 and 6)

11v11 Allocations (Larger Pitch 5)