Take the Survey (Round II)

After you click  on the link a window will open and you have to register your email address. You will recieve a confirmation email shortly along with a URL to the survey.

The first round of the survey is over now. There were 191 participants in total (36% participation rate). A summery of the results will be shorty posted here.

Please participate in the second round. This round is much shorter thant the previuos one and would require no more than 5 minutes of your time.

Heritage Recording and Documentation (Round II)

If you have not participate in the first round, you may still take this survey and the results of the research would be sent to you as well.


This study has two rounds of questionnaires.


Round one explores the subject under study and will pose fairly broad questions regarding the technologies and methods of recording as well as the criteria that participants believe should be considered in choosing these technologies.


This round is designed to stimulate thought and narrow the range of issues to explore. Each individual contributes additional information based on their background and personal experience.


The survey includes unstructured and open-ended questions as well as mutiple options and ranking questions.


Round one has 20 questions and requires no more than 20 minutes to complete.



You will receive a summary report and analysis of the first round along with round two questions. (Please make sure to check the Box for this option in Question A-4)

Round two will build on the responses to the earlier questions and include a summary of how the group has responded and the points of convergence and divergence.


In this way each respondent will be able to learn from the rest of the group, and will be able to react to the ideas that come from the survey responses.

This round will focus on reaching an understanding of how the group views the issue and will try to prioritize the criteria gathered in the first round. Participants may be asked to elaborate on their previous responses.

Round two will include open-ended questions as well as Likert scales and rank order questions.

The results of this round will be analyzed and a final evaluation will be disseminated to the participants.





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