Full List of Plays by Playwright

The list of plays on this website is not complete and updates will continue to be made.  Links and more information are provided for those plays that have annotations. 
Abbott, Karen
            Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters 

Abdullah, Mohammad IBN

            Ananse and the Rain God (1975) 

            Ananse and the Golden Drum (1994)                                                                                                                                                     THE CLOUD GATHERER


Abdullah, Ahmed Maarifa

            A Malcolm Play (1970)


Abney, Robert, Jr.

            What Momma Don’t See (1974)

            Who’s Driving This Bus? (1975)


Allen, Richard

            Take Me to Your Leader (1969)


Aremu, Aduke

            Babylon II (1974)

            Land of the Egyptians (1974)

            The Liberation of Mother Goose (1973)


Asher, Sandy

            A Woman Called Truth (1988, Dramatic Publishing)


Averill, Ric

            Bird Woman:  The Story of Sacagawea (2001, Dramatic Publishing)

            T-Money & Wolf (1994, Dramatic Publishing)


Barrett, Nathan

            Why Lily Won’t Spin (1976)


Bass, George Houston

            Games (in Introduction to Black Literature in America, ed. By Linsay Patterson,                                                       MIRANDY AND BROTHER WIND, Adventure Theatre MTC

Washington, D.C.: Associated Publishers, 1968)

            Knee-High Man and Babu’s JuJu


Bayeza, Ifa

            Kid Zero (2005)


Beechman, Dolly

Sojourner Truth Is My Name (Anchorage Press)


Bell, Tommacina

            Those Who Risked Their Freedom:  Harriet Tubman-The Second Moses
Bobbitt, Michael J.
            Mirandy and Brother Wind (2011)


Bond Clunie, Gloria

North Star (1998, Dramatic Publishing)

            A Basket of Wishes, A Bucket of Dreams (1989)

            Living Green  (2008)

            Mirandy and Brother Wind (2001)

            Shoes  (2005)

            Dream – A Tribute to Martin Luther King (1981)


Brewer, Roger L.

            He Who’s Ugly (1973)


Brewster, Townsend

            The Washerwoman


Brocklehurst, Judith & John McTavish

 Skin Deep: The Story of Martin Luther King (Baker’s Plays)                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                      BRAVE NO WORLD, Kennedy Center 


Brooks, Laurie

Brave No World (2007, Dramatic Publishing)


Brooks Blakeley, Nora

            Grimm Goodies

Kingdom of Gold


Tandika Tales

Things That Go Bump in the Night 

The Tiger Who Wore White Gloves

Which West is Which

Brother, Man  

A Few of My Sisters

Blue Monday                                                                                                                                                 

Song on the Shore                                                                                                                                               photo by Carol Pratt. Set Designer Jake Muehlhausen

Moyenda and the Golden Heart 


Brown, Carlyle

            Abe Lincoln and Uncle Tom in the White House

            Buffalo Hair (Dramatist) 

            The Little Tommy Parker Celebrated Colored Minstrel Show (Dramatist) 


Brown, Mark

            Around The World in 80 Days  (Dramatic Publishing)


Bullins, Ed

            The Mystery of Phillis Wheatley (1975)


Bush, Max

Looking Out (New Plays)

            Ezigbo: The Spirit Child (2001, Anchorage Press)                                                                                                DEAR PRESIDENT OBAMA, Studio One Productions

Carroll,  Vinnette

             Croesus and the Witch


Carter, Lonnie

             The Lost Boys of Sudan (2003)


Cassady, Marsh, editor

Great Scenes from Minority Playwrights (Meriwether Publishing)


Cavander, Kenneth

            The Life of Aesop (Dramatic Publishing)


Chastnag, Jeff 

            Along the Track (Performed at Wild Swan 2001)

Along the Tracks Part Two (Performed at Wild Swan 2005)                                                                               


Childress, Alice

When the Rattlesnake Sounds (1975, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan)



            How the Spider Becomes the Hero of Folk Tales (1971)


Chorpenning, Charlotte B.  and Du Bois, Shirley Graham

 Little Black Sambo and the Tigers.   (1938, Dramatists Play Service)


Clevland, Charles and James de Jongh

 Play to Win (1983, Samuel French)                                                                                                                         THE BLUE HOUSE, Adventure Stage Chicago 


Collie, Kelsey E. 

Black Images/Black Reflections: A Black History Chronicle Revue.   (1974)

            Brother, Brother, Brother, Mine.   (1978)

            Celebration (1973)

            Fiesta (1970)

            Randy’s Dandy Circus (1974)


Compton, Jimmie Davis, Jr.

            Why Chickens, Turkeys, and Ostriches Don’t Fly


Cooper, Anna Julia

            Christmas Bells


Cornelison,  Dr. Gayle

            The Cay (Dramatic Publishing)
Cornelius, John L.
          Mirandy and Brother Wind (2011)


Corthron, Kia

Breath, Boom (2000)

Snapshot Silhouette (2004, Plays For Young Audiences)                                                                                          Bud, Not Buddy, Eastern Michigan University 


Corthron, Kara Lee

Wild Black-Eyed Susans (2008)


Cruz Gonzales, Jose

The Blue House (2008)

The Cloud Gatherer

Highest Heaven (2002, Dramatic Publishing)

Super Cowgirl And Mighty Miracle  (2011)


Daugherty, Linda

            The Secret Life of Girls (2007, Dramatic Publishing)


Davis, Ossie 

Paul Robeson, All American       

Escape to Freedom: the story of Young Frederick Douglass   (1976, Puffin Books)                                                             photo by Randy Mascharka


Diamond, Lydia

            Bluest Eye (2007, Dramatic Publishing)

            Slave Diary of Harriet Jacobs


Dietz, Steven

            Jackie and Me (2010)


 DeVita, James

A Midnight Cry: The Underground Railroad to Freedom (2004 Dramatic Publishing)


Dodson, Owen

            Potsy Played Poison


Edmonds, Henri

Mushy Mouth (1971)


Ellis, Roger     

International Plays for Young Audiences (Meriwether Publishing)

New International Plays for Young Audiences (2002, Meriwether Publishing)

Multicultural Theatre (1996, Meriwether Publishing)

            Multicultural Theatre II (1998, Meriwether Publishing)


Emerson Toney, David

            The Soul Collector (2009, Dramatic Publishing)


Felde, Kitty 

            The Luckiest Girl (2011) 


Felder, Louis

            The Magic Kingdom (1995)

Fields, Rita G.

            Rita's Plays for Children:  Productions for Black History Month and Beyond (2011, Destiny Publishers) 

Fisher, Aileen

            Harriet Tubman – The Second Moses                                                                                                        

            I Have A Dream


Folayan, Omodele

            Ju Ju Man (1974)


Franklin, J.e.

            Hip Hop Aesop (2007)

            The In-Crowd (1965)


Frazier, Kermit

            Smoldering Fires


Friedman, Gary William & Herb Schapiro

Bring in the Morning.  Musical Theatre International                   


Frockt, Deborah Lynn

           When I Grow Up I'm Gonna Get Some Big Words 


Glanville, Maxwell

           Cindy (1976)


Gilsenan, Nancy

             Beloved Friend (1986)


Gordon, Charles OyamO                                                                            

             Boundless Grace (1997)

             A Star Is Born (1974)


Graczyk, Ed

            Livin de Life  


Graham, Nadine

            The Basement at the Bottom at the End of the World (1994)


Grant, Micki


Gross, Linda

            Lil’ Man (1973)


Gustafson, Anita. 

Tale of the Mouse (1975, Pioneer Drama Service)


Hailparn, Dorothy

Horse Play (1936)


Hale,  Pat

The Adventures of Brer Rabbit


Hark,  Mildred and Noel McQueen

George Washington Carver


Harris, Aurand 

Steal Away Home (1972, Anchorage Press)


Harris, Helen Webb

            Genefred – The Daughter of L’Overture (1935) (Published in Negro History in Thirteen

            Plays, ed. By Willis Richardson and May Miller, Washington, D.C. Associated

Publishers, 1935)


Hauptman, William

            Big River (1986)


Hawkins, George W.

            Uncle Remus Br’er Rabbit


Higgins, Frank

Anansi the Spider and the Middle Passage (Pioneer Drama Service)

Peanutman (Pioneer Drama Service)

The Slave Dancer’s Choice (2003, Dramatic Publishing)


Hill Newell, Martha

            Phillis:  A Life of Phillis Wheatley (1978, 1981)


Hines, Kim

            Home on the Mornin’ Train (1993)


Holland, Dr. Endesha Ida Mae

From the Mississippi Delta (1997)


Hughes, Langston

            Soul Gone Home (1936)

            Carmelita and the Cockatoo

            The Gold Piece (1921)

            Popo and Fifina (1931)


Hunkins, Lee

 Freedom Is My Middle Name (1994, Dramatic Publishing)


Hyman, Fracaswell

 Fire on the Mountain, In The Butler Did It (1991)


Ihunanya, Grace Cooper

            Finding Easter (1972)

            Kojo and the Leopard (1973)


Ireland, Heather

            Raven Black

            Aesop and the Fabulous Fable Sisters


Iyaun, Ifa

            Drinkwater (1975)

Jackson, Nathan


            When I Come to Die


Jackson, Reginald

            Bud, Not Buddy (2009, Dramatic Publishing)

Watsons Go To Birmingham (2011, Dramatic Publishing)


Jahi, Runako

            A Place to be Me

            The Positive Evolution of Bongo Baker

            The Reading Machine on Sunnyside Lane

            Kasima & Coconut Palm

            Ama & The Magic

            Toy Box

            What Shall I Tell My Children?  The Life of Dr. Margaret Burroughs

            Song & Dance


Johnson, Georgia Douglas

            Frederick Douglass (Published in  Negro History in Thirteen Plays, ed. By Willis

Richardson and May Miller, Washington, D.C. Associated Publishers, 1935)

William and Ellen Craft (Published in Negro History in Thirteen Plays, ed. By Willis

 Richardson and May Miller, Washington, D.C.: Associated Pulblishers, 1935)


Johnson, Jory

Eye of the Giant, The.   (1975)


Jones, Syl

Dig a Ditch, Dig a Tunnel (1974)

Not without Laughter (1997)


Jones, T. Marshall and Curtis L. Williams

            Swap Face (1974)


Jones Meadows, Karen

Private Conversations

Sala Cinderella

            S.O.U.L.: Stars of Urban Life

            The Challenge: Sophia and William Meet Chestnutt and Twain

            Harriet Returns for Us

            Everybody’s Secret


Kamerman, Sylvia, ed.

 Plays of Black Americans (1994, Plays, Inc.)                 


Kaufman, Lynne

            Daisy in the Dreamtime (2005, Dramatic Publishing)   


Kelley, Nambi E.



Kermit, Frazier, music and lyrics by Jim Basnight and Richard Gray

Little Rock


Korty, Carol

Mr. Hare Takes Mr. Leopard for a Ride (1969, Baker's Plays)

Plays from African Folktales - With Ideas for Acting, Dance, Costumes, and Music (Players Press, 1998) 

Kraus, Joanna Halpert 

Mean to Be Free (1990, Harpers Collins Publishers)

Sunday Gold  (1998, Dramatic Publishing)



            Old MacDonald Had a Camp


Lerman , Louis

The Abolition Flyer


Lewis, David

            One Hundred Is a Long Number (1972)

            Those Wonderful Folks (of the First Baptist Church of New Jerusalem in Harlem) (1972)


Lights, Frederick L.

            All over Nothin’ (1975)


Longman, Stanley Vincent

Remus Tales (1990, Anchorage Press)


Manos, Peter

            Walk, Don’t Ride! A Celebration of the Fight for Equality (2008, Dramatic Publishing)


Marshall, Bill

Shadow of an Eagle (2003, Sedco Publishing Limited)

Stranger to Innocence (2003, Sedco Publishing Limited, 2003)


McBrown, Gertrude Parthenia

            Bought with Cookies (Published in Negro History Bulletin, April 1949)


McCOO, Edward J.

            Ethiopia at the Bar of Justice (1924)  (Published in Plays and Pageants from the Life of

 the Negro, ed. By Willis Richardson, Washington, D.C. Associated Publishers,

McQueen, Noel
          George Washington Carver

Medoff, Mark

            Big Mary (1989)


Melancon, Thomas

            Christmas with Great Aunt


Meredith, Ola H.

Little Black Sambo (1944, Boston Music)


Miller, May

            Graven Images (Published in Black Theatre USA, ed. By Javes V. Hatch and Ted Shine,

 New York: Free Pr., 1974)


Milner, Ron

            The Greatest Gift (1973)


Milton, Nerissa Long

            The Challenge – a Fantasy (Published in The Negro History Bulletin, Oct. 1953)
Myers, Walter Dean


Nur Wistrand, Carolyn

 Beauty in Black Performance: plays for African American Youth (2006)


Oatman, Michael

            My Africa

            Solitary Voice: An Incident in the Life of Bass Reeves


Perkins, Eugene

            Black (Published Chicago: Third World, 1976)

            Ghetto Fairy


Perry, Shauneille

            Presenting the Pettifords (1976)


Peters, Ann L.

            A Life (Dramatic Publishing)


Phiri, Desmond Dudwa

Chief‘s Bride (1972, The Delacorte Press)

Power, Will 
            Five Fingers of Funk
Psalmayene 24
            P. Nokio: A Hip Hop Musical  
            Zomo The Rabbit: A Hip Hop Creation Myth

Richardson, Mariah L. 
            Delilah's Wish (Dramatic Publishing) 

Richardson, Willis

            The Dragon’s Tooth (1956) (Published in The King’s Dilemma and Other Plays, ed. By

 Willis Richardson, New York: Exposition, 1956.)

            The Gypsy’s Finger Ring (1956) (Published in The King’s Dilemma)

            The King’s Dilemma (1929) (Published in Plays and Pageants form the Life of the Negro,

 ed. By Willis Richardson, Washington, D.C.: Associated Publishers, 1930)

            Man of Magic (1956) (Published in The King’s Dilemma)


Robinson, Dre

            The Day Santa Canceled Christmas (2007)

            Dear President Obama (2008)

            The Halsted St. Mystery Club In Black History Mystery (2008)


Robinson, Garrett

            The Magic Drum (1973)

            The Village of Disrespect


Rose , J.B.

Darker the Berry


Satchell,  Mary

Daniel Hale Williams, Pioneer Surgeon

            Langston Hughes: Poet of the People

            Mary McLeod Bethune, Dream Maker


Sergel, Christopher

            To Kill a Mockingbird (1970, Dramatic Publishing)


Shockly, Ed

            Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Youth Plays)

Sinnette Jennings, Caleen 

 Cream Soda and Crème De Menthe

 Chem Mystery (2009, Dramatic Publishing)

 Elsewhere in Elsinore The Unseen Women of Hamlet (2008, Dramatic Publishing) 

 Free Like Br’er Rabbit (2000, Dramatic Publishing)

 Grown Up Tree (2004, Dramatic Publishing) 

 A Lunch Line Contemporary Scenes for Contemporary Teens (Dramatic Publishing) 

 Playing Juliet/ Casting Othello (Dramatic Publishing) 

 Same But Different (Dramatic Publishing) 


 Smith, Charles

Takunda (1987)


Sodaro,  Craig

Freedom Train


Sternberg, Pat

Sojourner Truth is My Name (1989, Anchorage Press)


Stewart, James

            The Gourd Cup (Published in Black Lines, vol. 2, no.1, ed. By Larry Coleman and Clarence

Turner, Fall 1971.)

            How Men Came into the World (Published in Black Lines)

            The Storytellers (Published in Black Lines)


Still, James

            Looking Over the President’s Shoulder (2004, Dramatic Publishing)

            The Gentleman From Indiana (2007, Dramatic Publishing)


Stillwell, Carla

            When Good Broccoli Goes Bad


Sucke, Greer

            Don’t Sleep Under the Mapou Tree (1980, Pioneer Drama Service)


Surface, Mary Hall

Most Valuable Player (1999)


Thomas, Marie


Toney, David Emerson 

            Snowy Day (2012)

Tremblay, Jason

            Katrina:  The Girl Who Wanted Her Name Back (2006)                                                                     


Turner, Beth

            Sing On, Ms. Griot (1976)


Walker, Michael L. 

            Children and Youth Say So!: Skits, Recitation, & Drill Team Poetry for Black History Month, Kwanzaa Other Celebrations in Church (2006, Abingdon Press)

Washington, Von

Langston’s Dream

The River to Cross

The Long Ride Home

The Path to Everywhere

Seven Stops to Freedom 

Aesop and the Dancing Computer

A Seat for Rosa The Life and Times of Rosa Parks

When Freedom Came

African American Folktales I

African American Folktales II

Mystery in the Bottom

The Children of Herero

The Dream Tunnel

The Legend of Sojourner Truth

Reflections of Martin Luther King

Screaming Lydia

The Day they all Came

Let The Brotha Talk

Looking for Talika

Voices from Black America

I Probably Shouldn’t Say it . . .but


Watson, Wenta Jean


White, Edgar

Dija, In 10 Plays for and by Children (1972)

The Rastafarian (1972)


Williams, Curtis L. and T. Marshall Jones

            Swap Face (1974)


Willmott, Kevin

Watsons Go to Birmingham


Winther, Barbara

             John Henry
           Plays from African Tales


Wilson, Eric LeRoy

            They Sing Christmas Up in Harlem: A Lennox Ave Christmas Carol (2000, Dramatic Publishing)


Wilson Glenn, Don

            American Menu


Woolfson, Malcolm (play) & Fiona Bull (music)

           Bushveld Bibble Babble (2001, Anchorage Press)


York, Y

            Don't Tell Me I Can't Fly

Young, Whitney          

           The Coming of the Pink Cheeks (Published in We Are Black, Chicago: Science Research Assn., 1969.)


Youngblood, Shay

Amazing Grace (Dramatic Publishing, 1993)
Shakin' The Mess Outta Misery (Dramatic Publishing)
Talking Bones (Dramatic Publishing)