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Alberta Laundry Equipment

alberta laundry equipment
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  • A prairie province in western Canada, bounded on the south by the US and on the west by the Rocky Mountains; capital, Edmonton; pop. 2,545,553
  • Alberta is the name of more than one traditional blues song.
  • Alberta is the most populous of Canada's three prairie provinces. It covers about the same land area as the state of Texas, and had a population of 3.7 million in 2009. It became a province on September 1, 1905, on the same day as Saskatchewan.
  • one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada; rich in oil and natural gas and minerals
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Rediscovered this in my archives. A view of the Red Deer River, taken on a trip into the countryside around Stettler, Alberta. Viewed in its largest size, you can spot the pump jacks pumping oil, a grain elevator, and an bulbous water tower, all very tiny.
alberta summer landscape
alberta summer landscape
just another perfect day on the motorcycle, breezing through southern alberta, floating with the clouds...

alberta laundry equipment
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