2. Non-material Aether

Consider the importance of the Aether’s non-material reality.  Reality is any structure that is quantifiable and observable either directly or indirectly.

In the Aether Physics Model, Aether quantifies as a quantum, rotating magnetic field.  The structure of Aether exists within five spatial-temporal dimensions, which together amount to “space-resonance.”  The five are three dimensions of length and two dimensions of frequency.  We perceive the three dimensions of length as space.  The two dimensions of frequency manifest as resonance.

At the quantum level of existence, space represents as the two-dimensional surface of the double loxodrome tubes, and the distance between adjacent Aether units.

Our bodies, and hence our senses, construct from electrons and protons.  We can classify electrons, protons, positrons and antiprotons into a group and call them onta.  Contemplate for a moment that all physical matter (onta) composes from an Aether unit with a string of mass floating around inside it.  Onta are visible, stable forms of quantum matter.

Our perception of linear time is actually a subset of the two dimensions of frequency (resonance) and arises due to the effect of half spin matter existing in a two-spin Aether unit.  In other words, the existence of physical matter causes time.  Without physical matter, there is no perception of time.

Physical matter manifests within the framework of four-dimensional space-time, as opposed to the Aether’s five-dimensional space-resonance.  Aether hosts matter within it.  The Aether is a more primary state than matter, and matter is one of the Aether’s several effects.

The Aether continually resonates forward and backward in time.  As a result, the Aether always remains in the present.  The Aether also continually resonates right and left.  The building blocks of our daily world (electrons and protons) see only the forward time and left spin portions of the Aether unit.

From the space-resonance perspective, our four dimensional space-time world looks “flat.”  What does this mean?  It means the same thing as when viewing a location through a video camera and video screen.  We see the four-dimensional world of space and time projected onto a flat screen.  This flat screen shows a world having only two dimensions of length and one dimension of time (we lose the perception of depth).  From our four dimensional perspective of space-time, the view through the video system appears in a three-dimensional area-time perspective.

Like the Aether, the mind also has the experience of being in the present moment.  Regardless what time it is or where we are, our mind is ever right here, right now, in the present.  This common attribute of the conscious mind and Aether suggests the two may be related.  Feeling the present tends to guide the mind to its natural five-dimensional state and away from the four-dimensional perspective of physical existence.

The mind is obviously “something,” since we experience it.  The Aether is obviously something since it is quantifiable and we observe it as magnetic, electrostatic, and gravitational fields, solitons, phonons, p-holes, frame dragging, and other non-material forms of measured reality.  The similarity would merely be an amazing coincidence if the substance of mind and the substance of Aether did not share the same existence[1].

If the mind and Aether are related, then many possibilities open up.  It would be possible that our mind can cause, influence, and respond to electrostatic, electromagnetic, and gravitational fields.  Just as Aether hosts matter, the mind would also be host to matter.  It would follow that wherever matter is, a quality of mind is also present.  It is the direct sensing of this mind-quality associated with other material forms, which provides the basis for paranormal activities.

It first may seem impossible that a material form can have a mind quality associated with it.  Yet, that accurately describes the situation of our human existence.  Okay, humans have a mind, but do rocks?  The human mind is a complex form, much as the body is a complex form of matter.  The human body composes from organs that are more primary, the human mind also has components that are more primary.  (For example, emotions are a different component of mind than rational thought.)  Since rocks have a more primitive structure than humans do, rocks would have a more primitive type of mind quality than humans would.

The Aether relates to the conscious mind, yet the Gforce is more primary than Aether.  The Aether manifests the “here and now.”  The Gforce manifests “everywhere in eternity” and is the complete possibility of all that ever occurred and ever will occur.  The Gforce is the foundation for all non-material and physical existence, yet to our complex reality it seemingly has irrelevance to the specific here-now specialness of each individual manifestation.  The specialness of individual manifestation blinds our awareness to the infinitely vast and all-encompassing nature of both the non-material and physical Universe.

As rational humans, we are bound to the specialness of limited perception.  As metaphysicians, we reawaken our awareness beyond our human manifestation.  We must not lose touch with our rational humanity, as it is the vehicle of our being in the material world.  Yet, our rational humanity is too limited to reveal the full truth.  As metaphysicians, we honor our humanity but we also remember our true Source.

In the remainder of this chapter, we will examine some of the non-material structures of the Aether and examine evidence supporting the relationship of Aether and mind.  In the next chapter on Conductance, we will examine empirical evidence linking one aspect of the Aether (conductance) to feelings and emotions.  Later, in the chapter on The Body, we will explore the physical link between mind and the physical world.

Aether possesses the property of reciprocality.  Reciprocality is very easy to understand mathematically.


As clarified earlier, one is equal to two times one-half .  We begin with singularity and “split” it into two parts.  When the two parts multiply, they return us to the singularity.

We could say the values of “two” and “one-half” are opposites of each other, yet complementary.  Actually, the two values are orthogonal to each other, but common perception is to call them opposites.  This is the nature of Yin and Yang.  Yin is an expanding condition, and Yang is a contracting condition.  Therefore, we can see the number of two as being Yin and the number of one-half as being Yang.

Yin-Yang mirrors throughout all aspects of physical existence, and humans have recognized the concepts of Yin and Yang for thousands of years.  Space is Yin; matter is Yang.  Space is expansive, while the matter that fills it is dense and contracted.  However, this only refers to the Yin-Yang nature at the level of existence where space and matter first arise.  Within the realm of space, there are Yin space and Yang space.  Within the realm of matter, there are Yin matter and Yang matter.

The Yin-Yang nature begins with the splitting of the Singularity, so it is more primary than the complex structures of space and matter.  All creation after the split in the Singularity will possess the dualism of Yin and Yang, and the dualistic existences will always seek the balance of oneness.

Gforce is Yin, and dark matter is Yang.  This might seem odd to some, but the Gforce is more in line with the feminine Yang concept, than with the masculine Yang concept.  The Gforce is the literal Creator of physical existence, wherease dark matter is the seed of physical existence.

Unlike the apparent absoluteness of physical and non-material existence, the metaphysical concept of Yin-Yang is always relative.  It applies to everything.  Aside from the Singularity, all else manifests as duality and is seen through a seemingly endless array of Yin-Yang manifestations.

Rarely mentioned in the historic discussion of Yin-Yang is the boundary between the two.  An inward Yang quality connects with an outward Yin quality, because they are inseparable.  The boundary is the worldly manifestation of the Singularity.  Although the Singularity is omniscient and beyond comprehension, the concept of oneness and wholeness is reflected throughout the dualistic world.

Yin and Yang applies to music.  Given a frequency, there are Yin harmonics above and Yang harmonics below.  For example, let us choose a fundamental frequency F.  The frequencies of F times two, and F times one-half, are octaves above and below the fundamental and are harmonic.  Much like feminine human voices, which have higher pitch than masculine human voices, the Yin harmonics of nature have higher pitch than Yang harmonics.  The following lambdoma chart, commonly attributed to Pythagoras, shows the relationships of the harmonics to the fundamental.

































































Lambdoma Frequencies by Pythagoras

The yellow highlighted ratios are the fundamentals, which are equal to “1.”  All of the ratios to the right of the fundamentals are Yin ratios, and their counterparts are Yang ratios.  For example, 3/2 is Yin and its reciprocal counterpart 2/3 is Yang.  We could also say the ratio of 3/2 is complementary to the ratio of 2/3.

If we select F (698.46Hz) as our fundamental, then the Lambdoma table would fill in as below:

































































Lambdoma Frequencies for Key of F

Music based upon the natural ratios of the Universe helps to carry the mind while meditating and practicing metaphysics.  A simple thirteen-note composition using a constant F fundamental with a slow Yin Yang melody is included on the CD in the back of this book.  The melody follows the ratios of 2/1, 1/2, 3/1, 1/3, 3/2, 2/3, 4/2, 2/4, 4/3, 3/4, 4/1, and 1/4. The fundamental note (1) is the thirteenth.

The fundamental of the Lambdoma table manifests the singularity principle, which unites the Yin-Yang ratios.  The effect is a soothing melody suggesting balance of the mind and body.

Consistent with Barbara Hero’s midi Lambdoma keyboard layout, the Yin ratios are to the right and below the diagonal line of fundamentals.  More Lambdoma keyboard information is available at Barbara Hero’s web site: www.lambdoma.com.

Aether and matter are complementary, meaning that Aether is the container in which matter resides.  The boundary between Aether and matter is just as real and measurable as the content of each.  From the Aether perspective, the boundary is conductance.  From the perspective of matter, the boundary is magnetic flux.  It is the same boundary, but with two distinct manifestations, depending upon which perspective it views from.

At the boundary of Aether and matter, the units of conductance and magnetic flux are reciprocal and thus complementary.  The units of capacitance and potential are also complementary, as are time and frequency.  The spatial-temporal dimensions of length and frequency are complementary to the substance dimensions of mass and charge.  Even mass is complementary to charge, as the two dimensions are orthogonal to each other.

Dimensions give rise to units; the unit of angular momentum receives structure from the Aether and gives rise to atoms.  Atoms give rise to molecules, cells, organs, and complex plants and animals.  Complementarity (dualism) exists within each level of physical existence.  There are male/female, energetic/static, light/dark, big/small, positive/negative, up/down, right/left, and numerous other duality characteristics distinguishing one manifestation of matter from another.

Although matter in our part of the Universe is essentially the same thing (electrons and protons,) one form of matter distinguishes from another form by virtue of its aggregate non-material qualities.

The different types of matter composing physical existence are actually solitary forms (primary angular momentum), which arrange in unique patterns.  The variety of physical existences within the Universe are due to the non-material patterns imposed upon matter by the Aether, not a plethora of different types of physical substances.

The Aether imposes character upon physical existence due to geometry.  Geometry arises from the unique divisions of the Singularity into dualistic and complementary structures.

Geometry causes the variations of appearances across levels of existences such as atoms, molecules, cells, etc.  These geometries retain dualistic variations, which paint upon the single canvas of primary angular momentum and gives rise to countless forms of physical existence.

Therefore, what we normally think of as a world of endless physical forms is really a world of endless non-material manifestations of complementarity.  These non-material manifestations of complementarity continually rise and then fade, creating the quality of change.  The primary angular momentum of physical matter merely follows what its non-material container (Aether) does.  The Aether manipulates via the three fundamental forces.

While space is Yin and matter is Yang at the level of space and matter, matter appears to manifest further dualities.  Growing-matter (plants, animals, minerals) is Yin; non-growing-matter (lumber, animal skins, rocks) is Yang.   Of the minerals, water and gases are Yin (they easily expand) while crystallized minerals are Yang.   The cataloging of the countless manifestations of Yin/Yang complementarity within the several levels of physical existence is a treatise of its own.

Normally we think of geometry as being in the domain of matter.  Nevertheless, since the onta get their geometry from the Aether, then all complex forms of matter ultimately get their geometry from Aether, too.

The Aether Physics Model quantifies the geometry of onta.  The geometry of onta takes the form of Aether; much like the geometry of water in a balloon takes the form of its container.  When the geometrical shapes we call “subatomic particles” bind together, the geometries of the resulting atoms must also manifest this Aether geometry.  Similarly, the molecules arising from bound atoms must further expand on the geometry, as must all arising complex forms.

Inherent to Aether geometry is sphericity, which causes by the Aether’s resonance.  The sphericity of the Aether is the origin of the constant known as pi.  Pi (π) appears as an irrational number to our physical existence, yet pi is a whole number within the domain of curved space.  For example, the surface of a sphere is the function of its radius squared times four whole units of pi.

The Golden Ratio has a Yin and Yang structure.  Phi (1.618…) is Yin and phi (0.618…) is Yang.  When Phi multiplies by phi, the result is one, the singularity.  In addition, Phi minus phi equals one.

The golden ratio appears throughout nature in the forms of spirals, animal populations, crystal structures, and body proportions to name a few.  Anything alive or growing tends to expand and develop according to the Golden Ratio.  The closer the growth rate and structure is to the Golden Ratio, the more harmonious and pleasing it appears.

A new and legitimate field of research is the study of biophotons, which German researcher Fritz-Albert Popp presently leads.  Biophotons are ultra weak photon emissions of biological systems.  All living cells of plants and animals emit biophotons, which we cannot see with the naked eye but which we can measure with special equipment.

A photon is equal to an Aether unit times the electromagnetic charge of subatomic particles (mainly electrons).  That is to say, photons share the same structure as the Aether unit and they initiate by electrons.

Cells generate photons at a given rate to produce light.  Biophotons measure at a rate that makes them visible light, but at very weak power intensity.

The power intensity of biophotons appears inconsequential to their usefulness.  Photons structure such that they remain connected to their source as they travel to their target.[2] This enables cells to make and maintain direct connections via Aether units to other cells in the body.  It is the interconnectedness of Aether units via photon propogation, which allows cells to communicate on a mind level.

Just as the body connects parts with veins, arteries, nerves, and various tissues, the complex mind appears to connect with biophotons among Aether units.

The Aether is mind.  The Aether is even more complex in structure than the matter it contains.  There are more levels and “forms” of mind than there are forms of matter.  We directly experience the various “forms” of mind as a vast array of feelings.

Just as athletes train to increase the skill and strength of the physical body, yoga practitioners have trained to increase their skill and strength of feelings.

Through training, one can increase the production of biophotons at will, and even transmit the biophotons to other life.  With further training, a yoga practitioner can control the movement of Aether units, which manifests as direct control over electrostatic, electromagnetic, and gravitational fields.  The manipulation of biophotons and Aether is the basis of paranormal phenomena.

So one asks, “Why has modern science not discovered the great complexity of Aether structures?”  The answer is because modern science focuses only on the physical matter of existence.  Physical matter is an effect of Aether, not its cause.  A manufacturing plant will produce a product, but the product does not explain the complexities of the manufacturing plant.  Similarly, the Aether produces matter, but matter does not explain the complexities of the Aether.  To understand Aether requires a broader set of tools and understanding than exists within the study of matter.

We often describe heat as molecules in motion.  However, subatomic particles in motion, atoms in motion, and cells in motion are also heat.  Each level of reality has its own expression of heat, which is why modern science has such a difficult time with the unit of temperature.

The unit of temperature is equal to velocity squared, as is evident from Boyle’s law of gases.  However, electrons in motion do not produce the same type of heat as molecules in motion.  Electrons in motion may cause molecules to move, but then that is the transfer of kinetic energy from one level of reality to another level and the amount of temperature can vary depending upon situations.

Biophotons also imply the ability of Aether to transmit temperature in the form of infrared radiation.  Infrared radiation is a stream of photons emitted at a frequency just below the frequency of red light.  Biophotons can change the rate of subatomic particles in motion, the rate of atoms in motion, and the rate of cells in motion.  It is conceivable that a well-trained mind could also use biophotons to change the motion of macro objects, as well.

This brings to mind the fantasy stories of Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Matrix, and many others.  It also brings to mind the anecdotal stories involving psychokinetics, which is the ability to make things move using only the mind.

Is it possible for the mind to change the motion of physical objects?  Yes.  Every day of our conscious life, we are moving our hands, feet, and head according to the dictates of our mind.  An athlete can make a conscious choice to exceed previous records of movement.  Athletic training is a physical process, but which is dictated by the mind.

A yogi can choose to increase the heat of the body’s molecules and cells.  This too, takes training at the physical level as dictated by the mind.

If the Aether and mind are two aspects of the same thing, then it should be possible for the mind to extend its reach beyond the physical body and to other Aether units.  The Aether units could be associated with an inert object such as a mineral or of an organism such as a plant.

A reasonable experiment would be to place a temperature probe in a closed insulated container.  The container should be in a temperature-controlled space. The mind must then control Aether units near the probe to adjust the temperature up or down, without kinetically transferring temperature through the ambient environment.

Neurophysicist Karl Pribram hypothesized the existence of a holographic biophoton field, or a network of biophotons connecting all the parts of the body at molecular and cellular levels of existence.  He suggests this holographic biophoton field could be the medium of our experience of consciousness and memory.

Pribram came to this conclusion after studying the brain first, and then realizing the neurological data quantified similarly to quantum processes.  He also realized a connection to Dennis Gabor’s work with holograms.   Just as an out of focus camera can come into focus by adjusting the lens, the distributed information within body, mind, and environment can focus in our consciousness with training.

Within the APM, we would say the will (associated with the Gforce) chooses to focus the feeling aspects of mind.  In doing so, the physical matter associated with the feelings follows in action.  This is because matter encapsulates by Aether (mind).  Normally, the matter that follows into action is subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and cells.

Through training, a practitioner can focus the actions of many sublevels of existence into harmonic and directed purpose such that the whole of the parts responds as one.

There is an increasing body of modern scientific evidence suggesting the Aether is a level of reality more complex and primary to the physical world.  Knowledge passed through to the present moment via ancient Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian texts reveals substantial knowledge related to the complexities of the Aether.

The Aether Physics Model is not a new discovery; it is the rediscovery of the long forgotten secrets of the Aether.  However, the “secret” nature of Aether knowledge is not due to a conspiracy to hide this knowledge; it is due to narrow minds unwilling to look beyond the physical world.

For the metaphysician (the physicist who follows the physical laws to their origin beyond the physical world), the Aether Physics Model is a new foundation for physics and it leads to more places.


[1] Tarthang Tulku exhaustively compares mind in terms of space and time in his Time, Space, and Knowledge series of books.  If the reader wishes to explore this fascinating topic in detail, begin by searching “time space knowledge” at Dharma Publishing’s website (www.dharmapublishing.com).

[2] Whitney, Cynthia Kolb, Essay 1: This is Not Einstein’s Postulate (Galilean Electrodynamics, Space Time Analysis LTD, Winter 2005) pp 43-44