Metaphysics and Physics

Truth is a simple absolute, which is nearly impossible to define. To begin our discussion, however, we will define truth objectively and subjectively. Objectively, truth is the condition in which evidence is consistent with theory. Subjectively, truth is the acknowledgement of our present and actual feelings.

Thus, we could say there are two aspects to truth; the truth known through feeling, and the truth known when observed evidence conforms to established rules. Whereas the truth associated with feeling is a direct experience, truth associated with objectivity relies upon the co-dependence of evidence and theory.

The establishment of theories arises because evidence seems to suggest the theories exist. Physics are the established theories for testing truth in the objective, material world of science. Our goals in metaphysics are both to “know” truth through physics, and directly experience truth through feeling.

The truth we are concerned about in metaphysics is the truth of existence. In this book, we will explore our existence both as a physical entity created within a physical world, and as an experiential entity who feels the physical world.

To integrate these two aspects of truth, we need a physics, which both quantifies physical existence and feelings. The Aether Physics Model provides this integrated physics.

Empirical Evidence

Emperical evidence defines as evidence based upon observation or experience. Examples of empirical evidence are a measurement, a constant, and a geometric form. In physics, we attempt to quantify empirical evidence in terms of the dimensions of mass, charge, length, frequency, and curvature (multiple of π ). A quantity is a value, and is not a measurement unless a fundamental dimension, a unit composed of dimensions, or a ratio of dimensions (or units) is associated with it.

The fundamental dimensions define as follows:

• Mass, when given a quantity, is a measurement of inertia.

• Charge, when given a quantity, is a measurement of electricity.

• Length, when given a quantity, is a measurement of distance.

• Frequency, when given a quantity, is a measurement of duration (or rate).

• As is shown in the Aether Physics Model, 2π is a pseudo-dimension and is a fundamental constant of curvature. The dimension of curvature derives mathematically from empirical quantum measurements.

The word “dimension” has multiple meanings, which can confuse discussions. The fundamental meaning of dimensions is as defined above; however, extra instances of fundamental dimensions each count as a new dimension. For example, length is a dimension. Three dimensions of length stack orthogonally to each other (at right angles) and represent the unit of volume. We say three dimensions of length in a unit of volume are “three-dimensional” even though they involve multiple instances of one fundamental dimension. Another meaning of “dimension” refers to units as dimensions (light, temperature, feeling, etc), and there are additional meanings unrelated to physics.

Whatever the Universe is, we can easily envision it arising from something whole and complete. We quantify this by saying everything arises from the Singularity. The Singularity quantifies simply as one. One has no dimensions and no structure, yet it is whole and encompasses everything.

The Gforce is the first level of quantifiable existence arising from the Singularity. For whatever reason, the Singularity split to give Gforce and resonating strings of mass (dark matter).

The Aether Physics Model recognizes normal (or linear) mass and reciprocal (or cyclical) mass. Reciprocal mass is associated with the Gforce.


ma · λC is a string of mass, and Fq2 is resonance. The Gforce, the string of mass, and the quantum resonance are discrete and quantifiable, yet they are non-material forms of existence. We would say the first stage of existence brought about the Gforce and resonating strings of mass (dark matter).

The values and dimensions of the quantum measurements are:


Experiential Evidence

Direct experiential evidence defines as an answer to an inwardly asked question. For example, if I ask myself the question, “What do I know to be the truth about a given situation,” and I am honest in feeling the answer from within, then I have just generated experiential evidence.

Feeling is perception of direct experiential evidence. Emotions are feelings; however, not all feelings are emotions. Feeling can be pain, a sense of pressure, an inspiration, and the flowing quality of thought. There are as many manifestations of feelings as there are of matter.

Although Western culture has traditionally dismissed experiential evidence as being subjective, the subjective evidence is nonetheless real because the feelings are real. We cannot allow a lack of self-honesty to deprive us of our feelings as a powerful observational tool. The solution for improving the quality of subjective evidence is not to ignore it, but to develop a greater sense of self-honesty.

In doing so, we acknowledge a part of the truth must coexist within our being since we (whatever we discover ourself to be) are a part of the truth. Experiential evidence can be unreliable to an untrained mind, and we must always be aware of this caveat. However, by developing our sensitivity to feelings, we minimize our delusions and increase our awareness of all that exists in the Universe.

Why should we even bother to rely on experiential evidence? We must develop experiential evidence because the material world arose from non-material existence and therefore we can measure, observe, and induce only so much of what gave rise to our material form. Only through our non-material faculties (various aspects of mind) are we able to see the subtle non-material causes and effects of reality. Therefore, in addition to a physicist who must train with physical apparatuses and learn physical methods, a metaphysicist must also train with non-material tools and learn non-material methods.

To clarify why metaphysics is important to understanding physics, let us examine other levels of existence. A house builds from lumber, but we do not understand lumber by examining houses. Similarly, a human body composes ultimately from electrons and protons, but a particle physicist does not understand electrons and protons by examining humans.

It is true that a proper understanding of lumber will help us to build better houses, and a proper understanding of onta (electrons and protons) can help us to heal bodies, yet this is exactly why we must have a proper understanding of non-material existence in order to live a better physical existence. Non-material reality is the literal foundation of physical reality.

There is always a cause and effect relationship from simple orders of reality toward more complex orders of reality. With the correct system of physics, the metaphysicist can penetrate deeper into the nature of reality by properly analyzing physical constants and data. However, there is an error in the foundation of modern physics.

Twentieth Century physics incorrectly used single dimension charge in relation to single dimension mass in the MKS and SI units systems. Ironically, the first system of units in modern physics, the cgs system, correctly identified charge as a distributed dimension in relation to single dimension mass (even though charge was not specifically identified as a dimension in the cgs system). In spite of the cgs notation of charge not aligning with subsequent unit systems, modern scientists dispensed with the cgs system because they thought it was inferior. The Aether Physics Model takes the correct notation of distributed charge from the cgs system and carries it over to the MKS and other systems of units. The correct notation of charge is the primary reason why the Quantum Measurements system of units in the Aether Physics Model is superior to the MKS and SI systems of units, and why it can properly quantify non-material existence.

Understanding physical reality by examining non-material reality is only possible if non-material reality created physical reality. If physical reality created non-material reality, and our mind is non-material reality, then our mind could not comprehend the finer aspects of physical reality.

Artificial intelligence is a good example. Artificial intelligence is a set of instructions created by a mind associated with a physical body. The artificial intelligence does what the discrete commands (program code) invented by the mind tell it to do. However, artificial intelligence lacks the experience of understanding and feeling, which the mind that made it possesses. Similarly, the physical world arose from non-material existence, yet the physical world lacks the depth of experience for understanding its source.

If non-material reality is the superset, which gave rise to the subset of physical reality, then the physics describing the physical world should reveal something about that which created it, but it would not be enough to reveal the non-material world in full.

Since this is a treatise on metaphysics from within the context of a physical Universe, we must accept the assumption that non-material reality exists, and that it gave rise to physical reality. We then present a quantified theory, which connects the thread of causality from the non-material existence to the known physical evidence. Since the physical evidence quantifies using dimensional analysis and geometry, we should also explain the non-material realm within this paradigm.

Thus, our starting point for describing existence will be with the most fundamentally quantifiable aspect. Once we reach the level of known empirical constants and measurements, the student is free to double check the math and logic to substantiate the correctness of the underlying assumptions.

The most fundamental quantifiable concept is the Singularity, which follows by its division into Gforce and resonating strings of mass (dark matter), and then into the two types of charges. From the existences of Gforce, dark matter, and the two types of charges we can construct the entire physical Universe and its non-material aspects.


The Gforce is an empirically induced constant. Its value is equal to:


The Gforce is not a physical force, but rather a non-material force. A non-material force relates to a physical force through a reciprocal relationship. To understand the reciprocal relationships of units and dimensions, consider the dimensions of time and frequency.


Time and frequency are two different dimensions, which may also serve as units. They appear to be opposites of each other, yet they are complementary.

Gforce is not a physical force like gravity, electrostatic force, or magnetism. Gforce is a non-material force, much like the “will” of the mind. Gforce is the “action” behind the action, but at a more fundamental level of existence. If we want to think of the physical forces as the sources of physical action, then we would think of the Gforce as the source of metaphysical action.

Just as frequency is cyclic and time is linear, Gforce is cyclic and physical force is linear. A physical fundamental force is always attractive or repulsive, however, the Gforce is constantly resonating between attractive and repulsive force. The Gforce is also resonating between forward and backward time, and positive and negative mass. The action is like that of a reciprocating piston, except applied at a much more fundamental level of existence.

For the physical Universe, the Gforce is the prime mover. It is for practical purposes the source of all physical and non-material existence.

The Gforce is not itself a physical thing, but it gives rise to physical existence. Our scientific culture has mistakenly believed that physical things are the only possible type of reality. Yet, as we look ever closer at a physical thing, it appears less physical. A body composes from organs. Organs construct from cells, cells are conglomerates of molecules, molecules are collections of atoms, atoms are bound onta, and onta look like fuzzy clouds when studied in a lab.

As we look even deeper than subatomic particles, all trace of physical existence disappears. Just as complex structures tend to be more physical as their complexity increases, the underlying structures of existence take on a progression toward subtler levels of non-material existence. The Gforce represents the subtlest level of non-material existence we can consciously describe after the Singularity.

Although we can quantify the physical importance of Gforce, it also has a function related to mind. Gforce, when understood from an experiential perspective, is the root foundation of our mind. The Gforce is not the self-image that arises from feeling and thought, but the underlying quality, which manifests feelings and thoughts. This is an important distinction requiring careful self-investigation of the mind to understand and appreciate.


Singularity is the basis for truth. Truth is. Singularity is. Singularity is all, yet Singularity is one. Singularity is the natural state; the alpha and omega. Singularity is the balance point, and both sides of the balance brought to the center. Singularity is fair, equitable, and completely satisfying. There is no lack. There are no aspects of the Singularity having less or more than any other aspect. Singularity is what the physical Universe continually strives for at all levels of existence.

We could say that as we approach the Singularity we approach satisfaction. When we approach complexity, we are creating physical existence.

In whatever way it happened, the Gforce was the primary split in the Singularity. The Gforce then caused a chain of splits in the Singularity, which led to the physical Universe. The split in the Singularity, however, is not an anomaly. It must be the nature of the Singularity to split otherwise it would not. It is likely the Gforce is a natural consequence of the Singularity and that the physical Universe has always existed, and always will.

The concept of Singularity is really quite simple. The Singularity is what duality splits from. Consider this simple equation:


This singularity (one) splits into two times one-half. It could just as easily split into any number of ratios.

Out of one comes many. Just as Gforce is a very subtle level of existence, the Singularity is more so. The Singularity is not a physical object cut in half; it is a principle, which when split, produces real forms of duality. The products of the dualistic results will always equal one. The time and frequency example described by (1.5) is one of many examples of a split in the Singularity.

With regard to the number one, the numbers “two” and “one-half” have an orthogonal nature and complement each other. The numbers “three” and “one-third” would similarly have this nature, and so on.

To create the physical world, the Singularity also splits into electrostatic charge and electromagnetic charge. The electromagnetic charge is not only reciprocal to electrostatic charge; it also has a different geometry:


For those who would like to understand the physics, e is the elementary charge, ea is the electromagnetic charge associated with the Aether, 8π is a geometrical conversion constant, and α is the fine structure constant of the Aether (differentiated from the electron fine structure constant). Equation (1.7) is a quantification of the split in the Singularity that gave rise to the physical Universe. The geometries of the two types of charges keep the electrostatic and electromagnetic charges as separate entities. The Gforce acts on the electromagnetic charge to maintain this split, and an Aether unit results as in equation(1.8).


In equation(1.8), Au is the Aether unit, and λC is the quantum length, or Compton wavelength. Notice that in the Aether Physics Model, all charge always expresses as a distributed quantity. In Secrets of the Aether, we explain distributed charge with more detail.

Dark Matter

Dark matter is quite simply not visible matter. Dark matter is essence, which gives rise to visible matter. We think of the dark matter essence as strings of mass. When strings of mass move perpendicular to their length within an Aether unit they become primary angular momentum.

Just like the Gforce and Singularity, primary angular momentum is not a physical thing. Dark matter is more like a concept with reality. We can induce the reality of dark matter in the form of primary angular momentum from neutron beta decays. When a neutron decays, some of its angular momentum disappears and a proton and electron are left. When a proton and electron bind to produce a neutron, they pick up some extra primary angular momentum, or dark matter.

The dark matter converts to visible matter when an Aether unit absorbs and encapsulates it. The absorption takes place via the Casimir effect, which generates a real photon (it is not a virtual photon). The photon is the first stage of material existence. When atoms absorb photons, they convert the angular momentum to an electron via the photoelectric effect. The photon is the first stage of the electron’s existence.

Protons develop in a similar way as the electron, except we witness the process as a fusion reaction. Modern science considers fusion to be a process of combining already existing protons into a nucleus. In reality, fusion is the birth of new protons within the nucleus. Thus, a fusion reaction creates new matter and releases energy.

The third stage of visible material existence involves the binding of protons and electrons to produce neutrons. The fourth stage is the binding of proton, neutrons, and electrons to produce atoms. The binding processes continue for each new level of complexity until we see the forms around us, such as plants, animals, minerals, mountains, planets, forests, and oceans.

Dark matter is a metaphysical concept that evolves into physical reality. It is metaphysical because it is not physical. There is no “material thing” that dark matter is.


As touched upon in the previous sections, complexity is the result of a binding process. The dimensions of mass and charge are substantial (give substance to matter), whereas the dimensions of length and frequency are spatial-temporal (give motion to matter). The geometrical dimension (2π) is a pseudo-dimension and arises due to the arrangements of the other four dimensions. Binding takes place due to the fundamental physical forces (magnetic force, electrostatic force and gravitational force), which the Gforce creates by acting on the substantial dimensions of mass and the two types of charges.

The Gforce manifests in the physical world from within the three fundamental force constants. Twentieth Century physics knew only two of these force constants (Newton gravitational force constant and Coulomb electrostatic force constant). The third force constant is the Aether unit and it mediates the magnetic force.

It is only because scientists ignore non-material reality that the force constants name as “constants.” Although truly constant, they are really mediators of force. These non-material “force constant” mediators are real forms of existence, albeit non-material existence. Sir Isaac Newton could not accept action at a distance, but that is exactly what the force mediators do. The force mediators cause action at a distance by acting through a fabric of Aether units.

If not for the Gforce-created force mediators, planets would not stay in orbit, molecules and atoms would fly apart, and chemical processes would not occur. Pervading all existence, and without limitations due to distance, the force mediators are constantly binding and unbinding matter according to a fixed set of rules.

This binding and unbinding of matter by the three force mediators is what causes complexity to develop. When you stand on your feet, the force mediator of gravity is pulling you toward the Earth. When you eat food, the force mediator of electrostatic force is driving the chemistry of the digestion process. When you look at your own hand, the cells, molecules, and atoms bind together via the electromagnetic force in its various manifestations of Van der Waals, permanent magnetism, and strong nuclear force. (Here, electromagnetic force has meaning slightly different from the Standard Model of physics. The Gforce causes the various manifestations of magnetic force by acting upon electromagnetic charge.)


We can say more about dimensions. The dimensions seem to relate to the concepts of four or five elements. In the West, the traditional four elements are Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. In the East, the traditional five elements are Earth, Wind (Wood), Water, Fire, and Metal (Aether). The dimensions are mass, charge, length, frequency and the pseudo-dimension of curvature.

Dimensions are very real. The distance between your eyes and these words is measurable. If you move your head back, the distance increases. If you move your head forward, the distance decreases. However, what has really changed if not a non-material distance? Distance is a measurement where the length dimension has a value. Remember, measurement is evidence of existence. If the thing measured is real, the dimensions and value of the measurement must also be real. True, it is self-defining, but measurements are nonetheless the foundation of all modern science.

Dimensions can join to produce units. Why this is, remains unexplained. The dimension of length times the dimension of frequency gives the unit of velocity. The dimension of mass times the dimension of length, times the dimension of frequency gives the unit of momentum. Velocity, momentum, and all other units are quantifiable and apply to physical reality. Therefore, the units must also be real. Dimensions and units are non-material forms of reality.

The special case of the unit of angular momentum is worth mentioning here. The encapsulation of dark matter inside an Aether unit produces primary angular momentum, which is visible matter. The unit of angular momentum crosses the line from being non-material reality into being physical reality.

As mentioned, dimensions arise from the split in the singularity. The linear (obverse) dimensions and their cyclic (inverse) counterparts are orthogonal to each other, and their product is always equal to one. Reflecting on the mathematical and geometrical natures of existence guides the mind toward an experiential knowledge of the ever-subtle truth, from which all creation arose.