Over the years I have openmindedly looked into alternative health treatments.  Many of them have worked quite well for me.  However, I also noticed that treatments and diets that work for me may not be as effective for others.  These pages reflect the insights I have had.  

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The following is not medical advice.  It is merely my own experience from having to deal with heart, circulation, and anxiety problems.

In 2004, I shattered my left ankle. The lack of use of my left leg and the resulting pain from arthritis prevented me from doing the amount of physical work I used to do. For three years after my injury, the lack of work did not affect me much.  But in the fall of 2007, after a particularly hot summer and much less exercise, my blood pressure started rising. The media, friends, and neighbors shared stories about drinking a glass of wine every evening to lower blood pressure. I did not drink much wine, and only drank two glasses of beer all my life, but I gave it a try.  I checked my blood pressure before drinking the wine, and again afterward.  Sure enough, drinking a glass of wine lowered my blood pressure to a healthy level.

However, the following night my blood pressure was even higher than the previous night, before I drank any wine. After drinking another glass of wine, my blood pressure dropped to normal level again.  This process repeated; with each successive night my blood pressure kept going higher than the previous. After one week, I could see where this was going and stopped drinking the wine. However, my blood pressure continued to rise each following evening. Within a few days I reached a point where my arteries would have the sensation of exploding just as I was drifting off to sleep. After the third "explosion" in one night, I went to the emergency room at the hospital where I was given a prescription for HCTZ blood pressure medication.

The HCTZ brought my blood pressure down to an acceptable level.  At the same time as starting HCTZ, I started reevaluating all the herbs, food, and beverages I had been consuming up until then.  I also located foods and electromagnetic devices around my house that affected my arteries.  After eliminating things that contribute to high blood pressure, I began drinking dandelion tea and hawthorn tea.  I also began doing some light exercises.  After a week, I was able to stop taking the HCTZ and rely solely on the teas and light exercise.  My blood pressure settled at a perfect 120/80 for a couple months.

In the middle of December, I went to a Mexican food restaurant and had a delicious dinner and margarita.  I love the taste of the salt on the rim while sipping.  My blood pressure increased to pre hypertension level, but I did not give it much concern.  Two days later I ate a large order of fast food french fries, an eggnog shake, and later had a hand full of candy coated chocolate nuts.  That night I was in the emergency room, again, for soaring high blood pressure. This time I had pain in my chest and felt panicky. I was watched for a while and then sent home. Two days later, on Christmas eve, I was in the emergency room again with chest pains. I also had high blood pressure in my left arm, but normal blood pressure in my right arm. I panicked even more because I thought maybe I had a serious artery weakness near my heart.

The doctor ordered a CAT scan, but my heart and arteries were in very good condition. He told me I had "anxiety" and needed to learn to relax. I was also given a prescription for Xanax. This was the turning point for me. I had reached a point where I had developed full blown panic attacks and was losing control of my mind and body. Since then, I stopped measuring my own blood pressure. In this case it seemed the right thing to do since I had just had a CAT scan that verified my heart and arteries were in good condition. It was the stress I had built up over the years that was driving my blood pressure. Just by thinking about measuring my blood pressure, I was subconsciously driving it up.

The morning after being diagnosed with anxiety, I woke up in a good mood and feeling fine. Then I sat at the Internet and tried to respond to a scientific discussion and my panic attack started before I could finish the email. I tried various light exercises to get the panic down, but eventually it got the better of me.  I took a Xanax. Just after I took the Xanax, it occurred to me to walk on the treadmill. The first six minutes on the treadmill were panicky and I felt fear. But after six minutes my heart, arteries, lungs, and brain all started working synchronously and I started feeling normal again. This was when I realized that anxiety is only what the disorder looks like from the outside. From the inside, anxiety is really a disharmony of the organs. After years of stress, lack of exercise, and lack of adequate nutrition, my organs were losing touch with each other. The change was more than psychological and had developed into a physiological problem.

There is an important message here. Just as it is prejudiced and bigoted to look upon someone's race or gender, it is prejudiced and bigoted to describe someone's condition as merely "anxiety." The word would not be so bad if there were not such a clear stigma applied to it, which implies the person with anxiety has mental problems. It is true the condition of disharmonious organs is caused from mental stress, and it is true the solution lies in releasing the mental stress, however the condition itself has become part of the individual's physical condition. The disorder itself is physical. To treat the disorder requires both a physical and mental understanding. If the patient is seeking someone else to be a healer, this understanding is needed by both the patient and the healer.

I chose to heal myself.  My poverty helped me with that choice. What I am sharing below are my personal experiences in dealing with disharmonious organs (anxiety) and panic attacks. Keep in mind my age (47), gender (male), that I lived alone, and that I have a good sense of self-discipline. You may need to question whether these techniques will work for you, or not, based upon your own situation.

Healing Techniques:


After understanding the nature of disharmonious organs, I realized my diet must have been inadequate. As we grow older our dietary needs change. I was not paying attention. The cells in the body, particularly if they are not properly exercised and the person is exposed to lots of stress, tend not to replicate properly when malnourished. This is what causes the aging process, and often leads to disease.  One of the foods most important to cell regeneration is enzymes.

Enzymes are found in fresh vegetables and fruits. Raw egg yolks are an excellent source. I purchased SEBKinase (Serracor-NK) to provide my body with a good enzyme supplement even though I ate plenty of fresh vegetables from my garden during the summer.  This was particularly important in the winter, which is when my disharmonious organ syndrome started.

I had been taking a good vitamin supplement for several years.  However, my son sent me a bottle of Every Man II vitamins (they also make formulas for women), which made me feel much better than the vitamins I had been taking.  They contain probiotics and thus include several strains of beneficial bacteria for the intestines.

Omega 3 fatty acids must be important, too.  I bought a bottle of EFA oil capsules and noticed the difference right away.

The heart needs lots of minerals, particularly potassium and calcium.  I took calcium supplements (which I discovered also causes calcified teeth and leads to root canals), but also looked on the nutrition labels of foods for the potassium content.  Almonds, cashews, prunes, apricots, raisins, bananas, fish, and chicken are good sources for potassium.  One of the best sources for many essential heart minerals is dandelion, which can be dug up from your own yard.

Whole grain rice has protein and minerals, but it is particularly good for building good quality blood.  Sweet brown rice is best.

I have eaten oatmeal for breakfast nearly every day since 1982.  It gives the body steady energy throughout the morning, along with protein and minerals. The fiber keeps the digestion system working properly. Oatmeal supposedly lowers cholesterol, but I believe the liver develops a response to it and creates even more cholesterol when consumed every day. I eat oatmeal flavored with raisins, blueberries, strawberries, prunes, dates, blackberries, and gooseberries.  I did not use honey, maple syrup, sugar or other sweetener.  If you need sweet, use dried fruits.  

My anxiety started out from having a weak heart and calcified arteries, so I took hawthorn tea to get my heart back in condition. Later, I eliminated all inorganic sources of calcium in my diet. If the ingredient label has calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, calcium chloride, or any other processed calcium source, I won't eat it. The inorganic calcium does something to the nerves, which causes the arteries to constrict, and also causes the nerves in the teeth to become sensitive and eventually painful.

Water is perhaps one of the most important of all medicines. Good clean water (I used bottled water without added minerals before buying a good quality filter system) used for cooking, making tea, diluting fruit juice concentrates, and just for plain drinking is very important to anybody's health.

When I buy fruit juices, I refuse to buy anything sweetened with fructose, corn syrup, or any other processed sweetener. Although diabetes is prevalent in my family, it is not something I have had to deal with (and don't expect to).  All juices I drink are 100% fruit juice (and naturally loaded with minerals).

Cayenne is also great medicine for the heart, and I took one 40,000 STU capsule every day before including it in my daily diet as a seasoning.

Turmeric is recommended for preventing Alzheimer's. I was disturbed to learn that anxiety is a precursor to Alzheimer's disease. I was experiencing depression along with a numbness sensation in my brain, both of which are symptoms of Alzheimer's. So now I use turmeric spice in my food every day. Turmeric reduces inflammation throughout the body.

Sesame oil is used in the East for treating depression and nervousness in general. Some people sniff the warm oil through their nose. Others apply it to their skin. Eastern medical doctors suggest people massage their body with sesame seed oil after every bath, so I tried it.  It works incredibly well for alleviating tension and calming the nerves. When I experienced the dark cloud feeling of depression in my brain, I put sesame oil on my scalp and the depression lifted in less than thirty seconds.  It was amazing.  I used sesame oil regularly and it improved my sleeping. However, once the skin of the body become wrinkle free and a nice bright color, it means the body's oil reserves have been restored and it is time to use the oil more sparingly. 

Breathing Exercises

It is important to develop the all-day-long habit of taking long slow breaths.  The breathing should not be forced, but I had to force myself to regulate my breathing to less than ten breathes per minute.  It appears to be a common problem for Western people to develop poor breathing patterns. I practiced three different exercises for developing healthy breathing.

The first method I used upon arising in the morning was the four step breath used by Kundalini Yoga practitioners. It is very effective and highly recommended.

The second breathing method was also used by yoga practitioners.  I stand erect and relax. Then when letting out my breath all the way, I bend over so that my torso is parallel to the floor, and place my hands on my knees. In this position it is possible to expel all the air from the lungs. Then while holding the breath, stand up erect again while sucking in the abdomen hard against the spine, and lifting the chest simultaneously. The hands are on the hip, pushing down. While holding the breath, be aware of the back of the spine. When this posture seems as uncomfortable as can be tolerated, let air back in through the nose and mouth while hanging the hands loose at the side.  I did this three times.

The third breathing exercise involves chanting the syllable Om. It ultimately developed into a system of yoga, which I continued to practice every day for several years.

Yoga Exercises

When I first wake up in the morning, and before getting out of bed, I pull back the covers and sit upright.  Then I lean my torso over toward my outstretched legs.  Grabbing my ankles I gradually stretch my back and thighs until my forehead can touch my shins.  It took several weeks before I could stretch that far, but now I can do it every morning.  Then I lay on my back with my hands by my side and lift my head off the bed.  In this position I then lift my legs straight up.  At first I could only do this five times a morning.  After several months I can do this 30 times (and more) with no problem.  Immediately afterward, I then pull my knees toward my body with my legs bent.  I did this only 5 times at first, too, but eventually worked up to 30 (and more) repetitions each morning.

These exercises did several things for me.  They released a lot of tension from the back of my neck, strengthened my abdominal muscles, stimulated my digestion system, and loosened my back.  They also increased the circulation to my legs, which was important because I had a compound fracture in my ankle and didn't use my legs often enough.  This helps me to keep my leg arteries clean, and also pumps the lymphatic fluids in the legs.  Another great side effect was that it cured the fecal incontinence I developed after compressing my spine in a fall.

After I get up, and at some convenient time during the day, I practice several other yoga exercises.  I was compelled to do these exercises all through the day due to the disharmonious organs.  As I mentioned earlier, the anxiety was a physiological phenomenon.  The nervous system connecting my organs was so deteriorated from lack of proper maintenance, that a few exercises hardly fixed the problem in a few days. The exercises did give immediate benefits, but they only lasted an hour or so.  So either I was going to give up and let my system further deteriorate and use commercial drugs to hide my misery, or I was going to exercise all day long.  I chose to exercise all day long. Not only did it keep my mind clear and make me feel good, but it also physically tired me out by the end of the day and helped me sleep better.

Two years after practicing the above, the anxiety and panic attacks are completely gone. I developed the habit of doing these exercises and continue them, today. Not only have my ill health effects disappeared and I have the health of a teenager, but I have fully engaged myself back into the excitement of living in this world.

In the summer of 2009, I built a home nearly all by myself. That is quite an accomplishment considering I felt like an old man just two years earlier!

Atherosclerosis and High Blood Pressure

In the fall of 2007, as mentioned above, I started drinking a glass of wine every night to lower my blood pressure.  I rarely drank any kind of alcohol all my life.  Sure enough, after drinking a glass of wine my blood pressure decreased.  However, the next night my blood pressure was slightly higher than the night before.  So I drank glass of wine and the blood pressure dropped again.  Each night, my blood pressure was going higher than the previous night.  After a week, I decided to stop drinking the wine.  But then the panic attacks started.  I ended up in the emergency room and had to start taking blood pressure pills.  A stress test later confirmed that I had athersclerosis, which is commonly called hardening of the arteries.

Not being one for commercial drugs, I did some research.  It turns out that my arteries were clogged.  The plaque building up on the artery walls was caused by fibrin, which is like cobwebs in the body.  The fibrin catches fat molecules the body does not want to use.  The reason why the body doesn't want certain fat molecules is because they are artificially produced or altered by high heat.  Trans fats are the worst.  But hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, and other processed oils and fats are also altered molecules the body does not want to use.  These fat molecules get stored everywhere in the body, including the arteries, because the body cannot efficiently process them.

The simple solution was to stop eating all the bad fats (read Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol and Human Health for all the relevant information) and to clean out the body.  The Dr. Natura Colonix program rids the body of all the parasites from the intestines that feed off the bad fats.  The colon cleansing program also provides a great source of fiber, which helps to drain the body of bad cholesterol.  The bad cholesterol in turn carries away more bad fats with it.

It is necessary to dissolve accumulated fibrin in the body with enzymes.  Enzymes come from eating fresh vegetables and fruits, but an excellent commercial enzyme product was extremely helpful in expediting the body cleansing.  I found Serracor-NK (SEBKinase) to be a top-notch enzyme source, which can be taken daily with no negative side effects.

Within thirty days of colon cleansing and taking Serracor, my arteries were cleaning out well enough to stop taking blood pressure medication.  I also felt twenty years younger.  I found later after stopping the Serracor that my condition would return after a few months.  So it looks like I will be taking Serracor for the rest of my life.  But the alternative would be to take unnatural medications, which could eventually deteriorate my liver and kidneys.

And, just as important as diet change, I began a regular exercise regimen.  I do thirty push-ups, thirty leg lifts, thirty knee lifts, side stretches, back stretches, and walk 20 minutes on a treadmill every day.  I also practice a special yoga every day, which I developed specifically for eliminating the panic attacks.

Blood Poisoning (Tetanus)

When I was 24 years old I walked through a dirty pond barefoot and stepped on a sharp rock.  It cut my foot and infected my blood with tetanus (blood poisoning).  I could see the reddening of the vein as it progressed up the inside of my right leg.  By the time I could find some yarrow and mint leaves and make a strong tea, the infection was already up to my groin.  I drank a strong yarrow tea (very bitter, which is why I added the mint) and six hours later the infection was completely gone. 

I hadn't had a tetanus shot since I was 17, not believing they were necessary as long as yarrow continued to grow on this planet.  When I suffered a compound fracture of my lower left leg and calcaneous fracture in my right heal, the nurse in the emergency ward asked me when I last had a tetanus shot.  I told her when I was 17 (I was 44 then).  She went into hysterics when I politely declined a tetanus shot at the emergency room.  I was so concerned she might suffer a nervous breakdown, that I accepted the shot for her sake.

Compound Fracture

On October 6th, 2004, while trimming a tree, the limb I was cutting bounced off the ground and knocked the ladder from under me.  I fell about 15 feet and suffered a compound fracture of the lower left leg and two calcaneous fractures (broken heals).  The compound fracture was severe and caused my broken tibia to puncture my skin and through my Levis pants, and become exposed to the ground.

I was fortunate my son was nearby, who called 911 immediately.  It seemed as though the local rescue squad and ambulance arrived in just five minutes to take me to the local hospital.  The local hospital removed my pants, x-rayed the legs, and told me I would need treatment from an orthopedic surgeon.  The doctors and nurses asked me if I wanted any pain relievers and I told them, "no, the pain in my legs was bearable."

I had two choices.  I could go to St. Louis, MO or Springfield, IL, both were a two hour drive.   I chose Springfield, and when I asked how I would get there, the doctor asked me if I had insurance.  I said I had absolutely no insurance.  He told me I would be going by ambulance (and not helicopter).  Since that moment, my neighbor told me of a company called Air Evac Lifeteam, which offers insurance to pay for air lifting in emergencies.

The ambulance ride would not have been so bad, except that I had not urinated since before lunch and my bladder felt it was near the point of rupturing.  In my prone position I was not able to relieve myself.  Six hours after I had broke my legs, I was at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield.  The first thing they did was insert a catheter, to my great relief.  Next, the nurse asked me when I last had a tetanus shot.  I informed her that I have used an herbal remedy (yarrow) to cure tetanus in the past and continued to take this herb even up to the morning of my accident.  She acted like she was going to have a stroke, so to calm her, I allowed her to give me a tetanus shot.

Memorial Medical Center is a teaching hospital.  Most of the emergency workers were students.  One unfortunate young man could not find a decent artery to take a blood sample and gave up, even with my encouragement to try again.  It must have been the first night for several of these workers as they were continually seeking advice from other staff members for normal, routine processes.  I didn't mind at all letting them practice on me.

After about an hour, and after my son and mother arrived at the hospital, I was wheeled off for surgery.  Just before surgery I was given some papers to sign.  I always read what I sign, having been a finance manager for several companies.  Right at the end of the consent form was a clause stating I agreed to pay 26.5% interest on any unpaid balance after 45 days.  I told the nurse at the counter my income was less than $5,000 per year and that I had no insurance.  I couldn't, and wouldn't, sign that paper since I knew there was no way I could pay the bill.

After about an hour of calling the hospital administrators, I was told I could write a comment stating that I did not agree with this clause, and initial it, before signing.  I did this.  The hospital at no time after tried to charge me interest on my outstanding balance.

After signing the paper, I met my surgeon.  He was a friendly man who offered me moral support and told me that he would be able to fix my leg.  He told me he had the same injury as I did when he was younger.  He further went on to say they were just going to clean out the wound that night and focus on keeping any infection from developing.  The doctors would not attempt to reconstruct my leg until the infection was clear.  I placed complete trust in him.

When I awoke the next morning I was receiving strong antibiotics through my arm and was told to use the morphine button every hour to keep the pain down.  The nurse pushed it for me the first time.  I didn't have pain when I broke the leg, but I did start to feel pain when I awoke, although it was more of a feeling of being uncomfortable than a sharp pain.  I used the morphine button, as I was told, throughout my nine days in the hospital.  There were three surgeries, total.  The second surgery was also only for cleaning the wound.  The third surgery was for setting the bones and installing an external fixator.  There were also 11 screws and a titanium plate installed.  The titanium plate was put on my fibula near the ankle and required four screws.  One screw was put through my ankle to prevent my foot from moving.  The six remaining screws were placed throughout the leg to hold various chunks of bone in place.  The doctor told me that when I healed I would be able to leave the screws and plate in my leg for the rest of my life and never know they were there.  I looked at him skeptically and told him I didn't plan on having this hardware in my leg any longer than necessary, and intended to make a full recovery.  I can understand the doctor's skepticism, but he didn't seem to understand my resolve to heal my leg.

I was sent home with the external fixator, and a prescription for antibiotics, children's aspirin, and Vicodin.  I took the antibiotics for a few days and then stopped taking them.  I took the aspirin for two months, as the doctor said it was important to prevent blood clots in my leg.  I took the Vicodin for a few weeks and then stopped when I found out it was addictive.  Sure enough, I experienced withdrawal symptoms when stopping the Vicodin.

Being curious about how other people dealt with a compound fracture, I searched the Internet for personal accounts.  I was surprised to see that many people have been discussing their experiences for several years on various health related web sites.

Of particular interest was a web site titled "Fracture Healing".  Here I learned how several supplements to the diet were helpful for regenerating the bone and tissue.  So I ordered the following supplements from Total Health Discount Vitamins.  Be careful, I coded my email address and found out that despite their promise not to sell my email address, they did.  I started receiving spoof emails looking like eBay and PayPal to the email address I only used for placing orders at Total Health Discount Vitamins.  It is only a minor inconvenience compared to the good service, good selection, good quality, and excellent prices of this online retailer.

Below are the supplements I purchased and their product numbers:

Yarrow SLRY-1690
Glucosamine Sulfate NW-3239
Bone Calcium NW-1227
OptiZinc NW-1510
l-arginine NW-0035
l-glutamine NW-0094
Multivitamin NW-3793
Multigland for Men SLRY-5095

It is my belief that the body will learn to extract all the nutrition it needs from a supplement, regardless of the quantity taken.  At first I began by taking one each, twice a day.  After a few weeks, I took only one each per day.  I bought the largest quantity of each supplement.  When the OptiZinc, l-arginine, and l-glutamine were gone, I did not replenish them.  The other supplements also contained these minerals and amino acids.

I also tried magnetic healing.

In all, the above supplements were very helpful.  After one year, I had the screws and plate removed as I had planned to do.  I used other herbs and supplements as mentioned elsewhere on this web site.  I have made a perfect recovery.  Aside from a stiff ankle, after five years my leg is as good as new.

Broken Bones

I suffered a compound fracture of the lower left tibia and fibula.  The bones literally poked through my skin.  The orthopedic surgeon did not believe me when I said I would be back to near normal in 18 months.  In reality, it took me about 16 months before I could return to normal activities.  I will admit, there was still a lot of pain in my leg after spending 9 solid hours of hard labor on my feet, but the pain didn't start until I sat down, and then only when I tried to stand again.  While working and sitting, there was little to no pain.  The flexibility of the ankle is severely limited, but I'm looking into ways to correct that, too.

The most important step for healing broken bones, I found, is good nutrition.  A diet high in protein, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, l-arginine, and l-glutamine is essential.  Supplements of glucosamine sulfate and chondroiten help prevent the onset of arthritis.  I later discovered that SEBKinase enzyme cures all arthritis completely (and cleans the arteries).

Comfrey is also very effective in healing broken bones.  About six months after surgery my new bones were still not solid.  I drank comfrey tea for three weeks and the bone seemed to knit very quick after that.  I took a few relatively young leaves and put them into the bottom of a glass.  Then using a blunt object, crush the leaves to a pulp in the glass.  With the leaves still in the glass, I added 6 to 8 ounces clean drinking water, stirred, and drank the fluid down (not the leaves).  I followed this regimen once a day for three weeks with no noticeable side effects.  I also made a compress of crushed fresh comfrey leaves, placed them directly over the wound area, and then wrapped it with an Ace bandage; changing and cleaning twice a day.

Infection is one of the worst things that could happen while recovering from a bone injury.  I took extra care not to contaminate the dressing, changed it at least twice each day according to the doctor's instructions, and took two capsules of yarrow herb each day (yarrow tea would also work).  When the doctor prescribed antibiotics, I took them as prescribed, even though I was aware of the dangerous side effects.  Aside from death, no side effect could be worse than getting an infected wound.

Pain pills were prescribed, but I stopped taking them three weeks after surgery.  I simply didn't need them.  Later on, when I was spending 9 straight hours on my feet, I would feel a lot of pain after sitting.  The pain was so acute, I could barely move.  Then while trying to cure toenail fungus by soaking my feet in Pao d'Arco tea, I discovered that the pain was greatly relieved due to the tea bath.  I now soak my feet regularly in Pao d'Arco tea.

After one year I insisted the screws and plates installed in my leg to hold the bones together be removed.  The orthopedic surgeon was not happy about this, but the bones had healed quite well by then and the screw heads and plate edges were rubbing against my tendons while I mowed the lawn.

I must also stress that during the first six months I did absolutely nothing that would stress the bones.  I stayed in bed and moved in a wheelchair.  I followed the doctor's advice very close, but he never recommended or prescribed nutritional supplements.  I did that on my own after reading about the experiences of others online.


My water service line busted and leaked.  It happened to be located near a main sewer line.  It also happened that the public water supply pressure dropped.  Bad news!  I ended up with cholera.

At first, I didn't know what it was.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a bloated stomach.  The bloat was not caused by gas, but by fluid.  I felt like I wanted to vomit.  Fortunately, I didn't.  But my intestines and colon released a violent flow of liquid feces.  My burps tasted like a sewer pipe.

I thought it could have been something I ate, or a bad probiotic capsule.  Nearly a day of constant violent diarrhea went by when it suddenly occurred to me that it could be cholera.  A quick check on the Internet for cholera symptoms confirmed my suspicion.

Cholera has been a deadly disease in past ages, simply because its cause was not understood.  Water tainted with human sewage carries the coliform bacteria.  When untreated, the violent diarrhea robs the body of water and salts, which ultimately leads to a painful death.  The treatment is to remove the source of contaminated water by bringing it to a boil for five minutes.  A tea made from yarrow and dandelions boosts the immune system and replenishes the body's salts.  Drink this tea regularly every couple hours.

Once I realized I had cholera, it only took 12 hours to completely cure it.

Colds and Flu

I haven't found anything that cures a cold or flu, once it has been caught.  But I have found that taking one capsule of yarrow herb on a daily basis has prevented me from catching a cold or flu. A tea made from yarrow flowers and leaves also works good.  I now grow yarrow in a planter near my back door so that I always have a supply handy.  I intend to continue taking yarrow on a daily basis especially in light of the high profile viruses in the news.


My next door neighbor had confronted me with the bad news that he had esophogeal cancer.  He also told me he had been constipated for three months and only squirts of liquid were passing through his rectum.  When he had told his doctor about this, his doctor said it was not a problem.  I was shocked.  I immediately made him a vegetable cocktail with a juicing machine using fresh tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, aloe vera, lemon balm, St. John's wort, and yarrow.  He drank a large glass at 2:30pm.  At about 2:30am the following morning he had a very large bowel movement and two hard pellets that he could have sworn were rocks. 

Unfortunately, the damage was already done.  The blocked system had caused him to develop GERD, which led to esophogeal cancer.  He continued drinking the vegetable juice cocktail right up to the time he had cancer surgery.  Just before the surgery he commented that he hadn't felt as healthy since he was 10 years younger.

The moral of this story is never ignore constipation or underestimate its importance.  Anybody can easily cure constipation with the Dr. Natura Colonix product.  It works great for me.

Diaper Rash

After reading and experimenting with various formulas, I found an excellent remedy for all kinds of skin fungi.  It is particularly effective in eliminating and preventing diaper rash, poison ivy, heat rash, and athletes foot fungus.  Here is the base formula I presently use:

25mlVitamin E Oil  
25 ml Neem Oil
50 ml Apricot Oil
50 ml Sesame Oil


Add 30 drops of lavender oil, or ylang ylang oil for fragrance.  If you only plan to use this oil formula on the feet or scalp, rosemary oil is a good fragrance choice.  However, do not use rosemary oil in skin formulations for children, babies, or sensitive areas of the body.

I use this skin oil everyday after taking a bath.  It not only eliminates disease, it rejuvenates the skin and makes it smooth and soft.  The apricot oil is high in vitamin E.

Ear Infection

When I was very young my ears became infected and began draining.  The problem became so severe that eventually a mastoidectomy was performed, which caused permanent and severe hearing loss.  When my son was three years old, he developed the same problem.  We took him to the doctor, who prescribed the same antibiotics and ear drops my doctor prescribed 20 years earlier.  I didn't give my son the prescribed medicine but looked for an herbal cure.  I found it in Healing Ourselves by Naboru Muramoto.  The simple solution was to eliminate dairy products (mainly cow milk and ice cream) from his diet.  Then for three days we fed him a diet consisting only of whole grain rice, aduki bean juice, and mushroom barley soup. 

After the third day, his skin looked like the hide of a Holstein cow, except that it was bright red and white instead of black and white, which lasted for about one hour.  Prior to his skin changing color he urinated considerably.  His mood went from being whiny and selfish to being very happy and sharing.  When his skin started changing color we took him to the doctor, just to be sure everything was okay.  The doctor was absolutely amazed that he was completely cured and stated he had never seen anything like it.  When I explained to the doctor the cure I used, he replied that if he used this method he could lose his license to practice medicine.  It is hard to believe that a very effective and very inexpensive cure for ear infection exists but doctors are not allowed to practice it.

Esophageal Cancer

My next door neighbor approached me one day with the news that he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  He asked if I knew of an herbal cure.  I had never worked with cancer before and told him so.  But I helped him do some research so he could make his own decisions.

I could not find record of a single person who survived esophageal cancer using herbal remedies, although there are numerous testimonials from people who have survived other cancers by drinking large quantities of Essiac tea or Pao d'Arco tea (one or the other, but not both).  He opted for the surgery.  The surgery involved removing an 8" portion of his esophagus.  It was low on the esophagus, so they also had to cut part of the esophagus away from the stomach to get it.  The result was that he lost all sense of taste and couldn't keep his food or liquids down.  The cancer then spread to his pancreas and liver.  Despite his desperate attempts, he could not consume enough liquids, and no food.

Afterward, he stated he would definitely have avoided the surgery and faced his demons directly with herbs if he could do it over again.  Once he lost his appetite and ability to hold down food and liquids, he lost any chance he had of maintaining strength or using herbs.  He eventually starved to death.  He asked me to share this information on the web for others who are faced with esophageal cancer.

I later came across a Chinese herbal formula specifically for treating esophageal cancer called Li-Ke-Tang.  The ingredients are 8 parts Pinellia, 1 part Aconite, and 3 parts Gardenia (you will need to find a Chinese herb supplier for these ingredients).  The book this formula came from is "Commonly Used Chinese Herb Formulas with Illustrations" by Hong-Yen Hsu and Chau-Shin Hsu, page 555.  The formula was invented by Genyi of Nagoya, Japan.  It is used for the treatment of structure at the middle of the esophagus resulting in dysphagia; vomiting, sticky sputum, and thirst.  It is said to be suitable for those who have an obstructed and painful feeling in the throat, dysphagia, and trouble swallowing food.  It is said that after taking this formula most patients will spit out a glue-like sputum, experience immediate relief in the chest, and discover that the difficulty with swallowing has been completely eliminated.

Feline Jaundice

When my neighbor with cancer had developed jaundice due to liver failure, I ordered bupleurum root.  When the herb came in and I told him what it was for, he wasn't interested.  So it sat on my shelf.  A few months later, my cat contracted jaundice.  His condition deteriorated until he had severe jaundice, was throwing up yellow bile, was dropping feces uncontrollably, and had lost so much weight he looked like a skeleton with fur.  My mother asked if I was giving him herbs, to which I replied that I was afraid it would kill him.  Then it dawned on me he was going to die anyway, so what could it hurt?

I made a tea by boiling one tablespoon of bupleurum root and one tablespoon of pau d' arco bark in two cups of water.  After boiling for ten minutes I turned off the heat and added one tablespoon of dried yarrow flowers and leaves and let it steep for about twenty minutes more.  I strained the tea through a mesh strainer and poured it into empty medicine bottles with eyedroppers and refrigerated it.

At first I gave my cat five one milliliter droppers every 20 minutes straight into the back of his mouth.  After two hours I administered the five droppers every two hours for 24 hours.  Then I reduced the dosage to every two hours during my normal waking hours for several days.  I continued the treatment every few hours for two more weeks.  He was pretty weak in the beginning of treatment, so I also crushed up a cat vitamin, mixed it with water, and fed him about 5ml twice per day until he started eating again.

While treating my cat I genuinely showed him lots of love and affection.  People can say what they want, I say the cat could feel my love for him and that it considerably helped the healing process.

The jaundice gradually went away over a two week period.  He recovered fully, regained his appetite, and  regained his weight.   I can only wonder what it would have done for my neighbor, but not being a doctor, it wasn't for me to prescribe.

Fingernail Fungus

I read that soaking a finger daily with fingernail fungus in Pau d'Arco tea would cure it.  I tried it and it worked quite well in reducing the fungus and keeping it from looking gross.  However, no herbal remedy I have found, so far, is successful at completely removing the fungus from the blood stream.  If the tea soaking is stopped, the fungus will return.

Make the tea by steeping a heaping tablespoon of pau d'arco bark in a cup of boiling water until it cools to lukewarm temperature.

Hair Color

At age 47, my hair was very gray and nearly white.  I started taking fo ti root daily and eight months later my hair is near dark brown again.  Even the hair on my chest that was turning white is beginning to grow back dark.  I have been taking fo ti root daily for over two years with no negative side effects.

Fo ti root, of itself, does not cure baldness.

Kidney Cancer

Herbs are not the answer to every situation.  My mother had kidney cancer.  She was not into herbs or supplements at that time and preferred to place her trust completely with her doctors.  In her case, the cancer was still contained within the kidney.  The kidney was surgically removed and no radiation or chemotherapy was needed.  She has been cancer free ever since, but has also taken a greater interest in herbs and vitamin supplements to boost her overall health.  In particular, she takes one yarrow capsule twice each day.

Poison Ivy

An excellent cure for poison ivy that has already spread is to wash the body with Pau d'Arco tea.  I use about ¼ cup Pau d'Arco bark to one gallon of water.  Bring to boiling, and boil for five minutes, then turn off the heat and allow the tea to cool to a comfortable temperature.  The itching will subside almost immediately when rinsed with the tea, allowing a comfortable nights sleep.  Continue to wash the infected area with the tea two to three times a day.  The poison ivy will be completely gone in about three or four days.  The juice from fresh rhubarb stalk is also effective in relieving the itching almost immediately.

If you know you will be around poison ivy, you can rub a simple oil blend on the exposed skin to prevent catching it.  It also helps to shower immediately and use the oil formulation afterward.  Avoid wearing contaminated clothing until it has been properly washed.  The simple oil formulation is on the diaper rash page.

Sore Heel

Not all herbal mixtures are necessarily beneficial for the body.  While dandelion roots, leaves, flowers, and even dandelion wine made from the flowers are very good diuretics, I have found that dandelion wine (not the teas) causes fluid to build up in my foot, which causes a lot of pain in the heel.  The quantity of dandelion wine consumed was only two ounces every night for a week.  The fluids did not build up in both feet, but only in the foot that sustained a lot of damage from a compound fracture.  I stopped drinking the dandelion wine and two days later the fluid and pain were completely gone.  I don't know if other alcoholic beverages could cause this effect, but I will keep it in mind.

Weight Loss

When I broke my legs, I was bedridden and needed to eat a healthy diet.  This caused me to gain 30 lbs.  I had heard about diet pills, but wasn't interested due to the negative publicity.  Then I read that ma huang is an ancient herbal remedy for many symptoms, weight loss being one of them.  Ma huang is the same thing as ephedra, a key herb in modern weight loss pills.  I decided to try one cup of ma huang and green tea in the morning.  This herbal combination turns out to be an excellent stimulant that causes me to want to work all day long.  The result is that I have lost ten pounds in ten days.  However, it turns out that ma huang raises the blood pressure, so don't use it for extended periods of time.  Save it for those moments when it is really needed.

A better way to lose weight is with a colon cleansing program.  I found the Dr. Natura Colonix program to be very effective.  I lost thirty pounds in three weeks, and because I also cut out processed and fast foods from my diet, the weight has not come back.

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