In reading we will work on character, setting, plot, sequence, compare/contrast and main idea.
     In phonics, we will introduce ou, oo, oi, oy, inflected endings and the suffixes -er and -or.
     The students will be writing in their May Journal.  Please encourage your child to write as often as possible.
     In math we will complete Topic
14 - Using Data to Answer Questions.
     We will then move to Topic 15 - Geometry.  Topic 16 - Fractions of Shapes is the final first grade math topic.
     Our timed tests continue.  The children are very excited about moving on to more difficult facts.
     The first graders will work on making a card for Mother's Day.
     Toward the end of the month, we will focus on the history and importance of Memorial Day
     In science, the students will do an experiment with lima bean seeds.
They will also plant seeds in their own little containers.