We are beginning our fourth unit in reading.  The theme for this unit is treasures.  We will be working on drawing conclusions, theme, author's purpose, realism/fantasy, character, setting and plot.
    In phonics the following skills will be introduced:  -ai, -ay, -ea, -oa, -ow, -ie, -igh and three letter blends. Long vowels will be reviewed.  We will also discuss compound words.
   Our spelling words are becoming more challenging.  Although the children work with them daily, reviewing them at home would be helpful.
    The students will receive a March Writing Journal at the beginning of this month.  They will be asked to write primarily about treasures and leprechauns.
    In math we will complete Topic
10 - Adding with Tens and Ones and then work on Topic 11 - Subtract with Tens and Ones.  We will then begin Topic 12 - Length.
    Our "Timed Tests will continue. The students are doing very well with their basic addition facts.  
    In science, we will discuss animal habitats and behaviors.  The children will be working on a book that include many of the major habitats of the world.