Project Pumpkin Power

Mrs. Jahay

Mrs. Easter

Mrs. Clark

Pumpkin Data

The Pumpkin Patch

This project is a little different than the typical "count the seeds" project as this goes a little deeper by asking students to estimate the number of seeds a pumpkin has based on their knowledge of their own pumpkins.  Things to think about your pumpkin.

Print Analysing Pumpkin Worksheet

1.  Each class should purchase 2 pumpkins.
2.  Name your pumpkins, take a digital picture of
your pumpkins, and post your pictures on your page in this project.  You may change your class page however you wish, I've just given you a starting point.
3.  Inform students that they will be guessing the number of seeds in the other classes' pumpkins based on the number in their own pumpkins.
4.  Discuss with students what measurements we might need to guess the other classes' number of seeds.
5.  Measure and record the measurements of the classes' two pumpkins.  To post your results, go to Pumpkin Data and enter your information.
6.  Provide the other classes with the measurements.  DO NOT cut into your pumpkin until you have provided the information the other classes need.
7.  Discuss the other classes' pumpkins and have the class make a guess as to the number of seeds the other pumpkins have based on their knowledge of their own pumpkins.  Post your classes guesses on the Pumpkin Data page.
8.  Count the number of seeds in the two pumpkins and email the number to
9.   Visit the Pumpkin Patch and see all the other activities you can do if you wish.