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aerosvit flight status
  • CJSC "Aircompany "Aerosvit" (ЗАТ «авіакомпанія «Аеросвіт», which means "sky world"), operating as Aerosvit-Ukrainian Airlines (АероСвіт-Українські авіалінії, AeroSvit-Ukrayinski avialinii) is an airline with its head office on the grounds of Boryspil International Airport in Boryspil, Kiev
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Oro linij bendrovs: Oro linij bendrov, Deruluftas, AirBaltic, Skyways Express, Estonian Air, Air France, Aerosvit Airlines, Czech Airlines (Lithuanian Edition)
Oro linij bendrovs: Oro linij bendrov, Deruluftas, AirBaltic, Skyways Express, Estonian Air, Air France, Aerosvit Airlines, Czech Airlines (Lithuanian Edition)
Saltinis: Wikipedia. Puslapiai: 23. Skyriuose: Oro liniju bendrove, Deruluftas, AirBaltic, Skyways Express, Estonian Air, Air France, Aerosvit Airlines, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Sveicarijos tarptautines oro linijos, Scandinavian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Etihad Airways, Iberia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Karthago Airlines, TAM Airlines, LAN Airlines, Donbassaero, Middle East Airlines, Gabon Airlines, Euroline, LATAM Airlines Group, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Maitinimas lektuve, Air France-KLM, LOT Polish Airlines, Gol Transportes Aereos, EuroLOT, International Airlines Group, PMTair. Istrauka: Oro liniju bendrove - imone, teikianti oro transporto paslaugas keleiviams ir/arba oru gabenanti krovinius nuosavomis ar nuomojamomis oro transporto priemonemis (lektuvais, sraigtasparniais). Oro liniju bendroves skiriasi viena nuo kitos dydziu (pagal turimas transporto priemones), skrydziu paskirtimi (gabena siuntas, krovinius, keleivius), paslaugu teikimo gausa, taip pat jos visos gali buti kategorizuojamos i tarpkontinentines, kontinentines, regionines ar vietines pagal atliekamu skrydziu nuotolius. Bendradarbiaujancios oro liniju bendroves kartais sudaro aljansus. Visos oro liniju bendroves privalo gauti oro operatoriaus sertifikata, noredamos oficialiai vykdyti savo veikla. Pirmaja pasaulyje oro liniju bendrove - DELAG (vokiskai Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft, lietuviskai Vokietijos Orlaiviu Transporto korporacija) 1909 m. lapkricio 20 d. ikure grafas Ferdinand von Zeppelin (Ferdinandas fon Cepelinas) Frankfurte prie Maino, padedant vyriausybei. Bendrove valde „Zeppelin" kompanijos pagamintus orlaivius (dirizablius), tarp 1910 ir 1913 m. perveze apie 13 000 keleiviu. Keturios seniausios ne dirizablius valdziusios oro liniju bendroves yra: Nyderlandu „KLM Royal Dutch Airlines", Kolumbijos „Avianca", Aust...

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AeroSvit from Kiev / Kiyev
AeroSvit from Kiev / Kiyev
Toronto (and Canada in general) is home to immigrants from around the world, including the former Eastern Bloc. As a result quite a surprising number of Eastern European airlines provide regular service to Toronto, including CSA Czech Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Malev Hungarian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines. Seen arrinving Toronto Pearson on 2007-04-22 is AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines flight VV141 from Kiev / Kiyev. AeroSvit (English equivalence for AepoCbit) = AeroWorld; the two worlds after AepoCbit reads Ukranian Airlines) Here you go... in Ukrainian and Russian... Ukrainian/Russian English y = u p = r c = s H = N
UR-VVT AeroSvit B767-300
UR-VVT AeroSvit B767-300
AeroSvit Ukranian Airlines Boeing 767-3Q8(ER) UR-VVT (cn 28132) JFK; 08/31/2010 Delivered new to TWA as N634TW, briefly served with American after the merger before going on to Air China as B-2493. AeroSvit has been operating it since January 2009.

aerosvit flight status