Welcome to Aero's Rundown!

Whassuuuuuup, peeps!  I just thought I would create a page to allow you all to keep up with the newly created Aero's Rundown.  I am on Twitter and decided that I would start doing a rundown of things that happen in my life and around me.  It's typically for people that know me and understand what I will be speaking of, but feel free to continue reading if you just stumbled on this page.

Aero's Rundown is a composition of my thoughts and are arranged in a descending countdown format.  Usually, the Rundown will be comprised of events or thoughts from a single day.  However, since this isn't a daily rundown, they will sometimes be thoughts or events from several days.  Feel free to comment here or on the blog.  Well that's about enough of that.  Hope you enjoy and welcome to Aero's Rundown...

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    ‎Aero's Rundown - Steph Jones is a "Little Drummer Boy" - 12.03.2009‎
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