Skills, Abilities, and Personal Traits

So you're really interested in this job? Good! You've got your college credits, your AP classes, and are a quick thinker. But degrees will only get you so far. It takes creativity, an open mind, and an old fashioned sense of curiosity. Of course, we're not saying that just because you're creative you automatically get this job (and if you're not, you don't get it), you still have to work your way to the top. Being an aerospace engineer really takes what comes from inside. Everything you do during your life and what you get into as a adolsecent will help you to decide what your dream job might be.

Recipe to make a wonderful aerospace engineer



4 cups of computer skills

2 cups of communication skills

8 oz. of public speaking

3 cups of organizational skills

1 cup of problem solving

A pinch of technical writing

1 pint of curiosity


First pour the organizational skills into the bowl. Then add 1 cup of problem solving, plus a pint of curiosity. The computer skills are next in the batter. Add some technical writing. Mix communication skills and public speaking separately. Add separate mix after cooking in the University. Voila! A perfect mix!


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