Check Google Scholar for a complete list of Alexeenko Research Team publications. Selected publications are arranged by topic below. 

    RGD Computational Methods and Models 
    Thermally-Driven Flows
    Propulsion & Plumes 
  • W.F. Louisos, A.A. Alexeenko, D.L. Hitt, and A. Zilic, Design Considerations for Supersonic MicronozzlesInt. J. Manufacturing Research, 2008.
  • Alexeenko, A.A., Fedosov, D.A., Gimelshein, S.F., Levin, D.A., and Collins, R.J., "Transient Heat Transfer and Gas Flow in a MEMS-Based Thruster", J. of MEMS, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 181-194, Feb. 2006.    
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  • Alexeenko, A.A., Gimelshein, S.F., Levin, D.A., Ketsdever, A.D., and Ivanov, M.S., ''Measurements and Simulation of Orifice Flow for Micropropulsion Testing'', J. of Propulsion and Power, Vol. 19, No. 4, July 2003, pp. 588-594. PDF (9.5 MB).
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