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People in the Group

Post-doctoral Fellow
  • Dr. Anthony Cofer
Graduate students:
  • Marat Kulakhmetov (Ph.D.)
  • Cem Pekardan (Ph.D.) 
  • Devon Parkos (Ph.D.)
  • Siva Sashank Tholeti (Ph.D.)
  • Israel Sebastiao (Ph.D.)
  • Andrew Strongrich (Ph.D.)
  • Gayathri Shivkumar (Ph.D.)
  • Han Luo (M.S.)
  • Vaibhav Kshirsagar (M.S.)
  • Aizhan Ibrayeva (M.S.)
Undergraduate students:
  • Aaron Pikus 
  • Sebastian Camilo Mendoza Rinkon (Colciencias Fellow)
  • Kate Fowee
  • Evan Liechty (LyoHUB SURF)
  • Nick Huls (LyoHUB SURF)
  • Dr. Anthony Cofer (Ph.D.'15, now at Purdue)
  • William O'Neill (M.S.'15)
  • Nikhil Varma (M.S.'15)
  • Dr. Andrew Weaver (Ph.D.'15, now at Univ Michigan)
  • Dr. Arnab Ganguly (Ph.D.'14, now at IMA)
  • Di Huang (M.S.'14)
  • Dr. Wei Su (visitor from BUAA)
  • Dr. Venkattraman Ayyaswamy (Ph.D.'12; now at UC Merced)
  • Dr. Sruti Chigullapalli (Ph.D. '11; now at Intel)
  • Jeremy Nabeth (M.S.'10; now at Samsung Austin)
  • Dr. Xiaohui Guo (Ph.D. '09; then at Intel)
  • Dr. William (Ben) Stein (Ph.D. '08, now at Aerojet) 
Former undergraduate interns:

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News & Announcements
  • 2016-Apr: Kudos to Drew Strongrich for receiving 2016 Dr. Thomas Jennings student award at International Society of Lyophilization/Freeze-Drying conference in Chicago. Read more...
  • 2016-March: Gayathri and Siva's research on plasma CVD of carbon nanopetals in collaboration with Prof Tim Fisher's group is featured on the cover of March 21 2016 issue of Journal of Applied Physics. Read more...
  • 2016-Feb: LyoHUB demo facility opens to users. The facility provides state-of-the-art lyophilization laboratory equipment for applications in bio/pharmaceutical R&D, materials science and vacuum technology  
  • 2015-Apr: Kudos to Israel Sebastiao for receiving 2015 Dr. Thomas Jennings student award at International Society of Lyophilization/Freeze-Drying conference in Chicago. Read more...
  • 2015-Apr: Prof. Alexeenko named University Faculty Scholar.
  • 2015-Feb: Congratulations to Andrew Weaver for defending his PhD dissertation ""Assessment of High-Fidelity Collision Models for the DSMC Method". 
  • 2014-Nov: Congratulations to Arnab Ganguly for successfully defending his PhD dissertation. Arnab is now R&D Manager at IMA Life. 
  • 2014-Sep: Congratulations to Tony Cofer on being awarded 2014 Purdue Forever Fellowship and successful completion of his PhD preliminary examination.  
  • 2014-Jan: Congratulations to Dr. Venkatt Ayyaswamy on his new position as Assistant Professor at University of California, Merced. 
  • 2013-Oct: Our group is part of team selected by NSF Scalable Nanomanufacturing program to develop roll-to-roll manufacturing of carbon nanopetal material. Read more... 
  • 2013-Sep: Our proposal "Film-Evaporation MEMS Tunable Array for Picosat Propulsion and Thermal Control" selected by NASA SmallSat Partnership program. NASA Press release.