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People in the Group

Graduate students:
  • Andrew Weaver (Ph.D.)
  • Marat Kulakhmetov (Ph.D.)
  • Tony Cofer (Ph.D.)
  • Cem Pekardan (Ph.D.) 
  • Devon Parkos (Ph.D.)
  • Siva Sashank Tholeti (Ph.D.)
  • Israel Sebastiao (Ph.D.)
  • Nikhil Varma (M.S.)
  • Andrew Strongrich (M.S.)
  • Bill O'Neill (M.S.) 
Undergraduate students:
  • Alix Crandell 
  • Michael King
  • Nuraziz Maikhiyev
  • Dr. Arnab Ganguly (Ph.D.'14, now at IMA)
  • Di Huang (M.S.'14)
  • Dr. Wei Su (visitor from BUAA)
  • Dr. Venkattraman Ayyaswamy (Ph.D.'11; now at UC Merced)
  • Dr. Sruti Chigullapalli (Ph.D. '11; now at Intel)
  • Jeremy Nabeth (M.S.'10; now at Samsung Austin)
  • Dr. Xiaohui Guo (Ph.D. '09; then at Intel)
  • Dr. William (Ben) Stein (Ph.D. '08, now at Aerojet) 
Former undergraduate interns:

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News & Announcements
  • 2015-Apr: Kudos to Israel Sebastiao for receiving 2015 Dr. Thomas Jenkins student award at International Society of Lyophilization/Freeze-Drying conference in Chicago. Read more...
  • 2015-Apr: Prof. Alexeenko named University Faculty Scholar.
  • 2015-Feb: Congratulations to Andrew Weaver for defending his PhD dissertation ""Assessment of High-Fidelity Collision Models for the DSMC Method". 
  • 2014-Nov: Congratulations to Arnab Ganguly for successfully defending his PhD dissertation. Arnab is now R&D Manager at IMA Life. 
  • 2014-Sep: Congratulations to Tony Cofer on being awarded 2014 Purdue Forever Fellowship and successful completion of his PhD preliminary examination.  
  • 2014-Jan: Congratulations to Dr. Venkatt Ayyaswamy on his new position as Assistant Professor at University of California, Merced. 
  • 2013-Oct: Our group is part of team selected by NSF Scalable Nanomanufacturing program to develop roll-to-roll manufacturing of carbon nanopetal material. Read more... 
  • 2013-Sep: Our proposal "Film-Evaporation MEMS Tunable Array for Picosat Propulsion and Thermal Control" selected by NASA SmallSat Partnership program. NASA Press release.
  • 2013-Apr: Kudos to Arnab Ganguly for receiving Best Poster award at 2013 Midwest Chapter Annual Meeting of International Society of Lyophilization/Freeze-Drying in Chicago.
  • 2013-March: Congratulations to Devon Parkos who was selected for a 2013 NSF GRFP fellowship. Devon will study hypersonic chemosynthesis via asteroid ejecta reentry in Earth's early atmosphere.  More...