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People in the Group

Post-doctoral Fellows
  • Dr. Anthony Cofer
  • Dr. Tong Zhu
  • Dr. Tatsuhiro Kodama (LyoHUB)
  • Dr. Israel Sebastiao
Graduate Students:
Undergraduate Students:
  • Ryan Clay (FEMTA)
  • Matt Fuehne (FEMTA)
  • Margaret Linker (FEMTA)
  • Emily Schultz (FEMTA)
  • Connor Vickers (FEMTA)
  • Evan Liechty (LyoHUB)
Alumni: Former undergraduate interns:

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News & Announcements
  • 2017-Dec: NASA STMD selects our FEMTA project as one of 9 new university collaborations for SmallSat technologies for deep space exploration. Read more...
  • 2017-May: Kudos to Gayathri Shivkumar for receiving 2017 Outstanding Student Paper Award at IEEE ICOPS for her paper "Modeling of Capacitively Coupled Discharge with Non-sinusoidal Input Waveform". Read more...
  • 2016-Aug: Congratulations to Siva for defending his PhD dissertation "Particle Modeling of Non-Equilibrium Field Emission Drive RF Microplasmas" and starting as Applications Engineer at COMSOL. 
  • 2016-June: Congratulations to Marat for defending his PhD dissertation "Upscaling Ab Initio Chemistry Models to Non-Equilibrium Flow Simulations" and starting as a rocket scientist at Blue Origin. 
  • 2016-Apr: Kudos to Drew Strongrich for receiving 2016 Dr. Thomas Jennings student award at International Society of Lyophilization/Freeze-Drying conference in Chicago. Read more...
  • 2016-March: Gayathri Shivkumar and Siva Tholeti's research on plasma
    enhanced chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of carbon nanopetals in collaboration with Purdue ME Prof Tim Fisher's group is featured on the cover of March 21 2016 issue of Journal of Applied Physics.

  • 2016-Feb: LyoHUB demo facility opens to users. The facility provides state-of-the-art lyophilization laboratory equipment for applications in bio/pharmaceutical R&D, materials science and vacuum technology  
  • 2015-Apr: Kudos to Israel Sebastiao for receiving 2015 Dr. Thomas Jennings student award at International Society of Lyophilization/Freeze-Drying conference in Chicago. Read more...
  • 2015-Apr: Prof. Alexeenko named University Faculty Scholar.
  • 2015-Feb: Congratulations to Andrew Weaver for defending his PhD dissertation "Assessment of High-Fidelity Collision Models for the DSMC Method".